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Recap | Farmer Wants a Wife on Channel 7 and 7plus (21 April)

Farmer Wants a Wife on Channel 7 – This ain’t my first rodeo. A shock return and bombshell text rock the farms 

The farmers and ladies put their game faces on for the first get-together at the annual Morrissette Country Show in tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife on Channel 7 and 7plus

As the ladies and the farmers were getting reacquainted in the showgrounds, Farmer Dean received a bombshell anonymous text: “Teegan, who you are currently filming with, has a boyfriend. She might be leading you on.”

After the news moved faster than a bucking bull, a perturbed Teegan said: “A whole other farm has been talking about it. It just makes me worry that he’s going to question everything. My biggest fear is Dean will always doubt myself and not trust me.” 

Seeing Teegan upset, Dean went to comfort her, which led Hayley to quit: “It’s so obvious that him and Teegan’s connection is like, very strong already. Is it worth waiting for a date?”

After host Samantha Armytage announced the next solo dates up for grabs, she revealed an unusual request from Olivia, who wasn’t invited back to Bert’s farm. 

“I originally went on a speed date with Farmer Bert. Really wasn’t meant to be. So I’m back to shoot my shot,” Olivia said, asking for a second chance at finding love with another farmer: Joe.  

When it was time to make a decision, Joe was considerate of his original ladies on the farm: “I feel like I’d be doing all the other girls on my farm a discredit to bring you back and I’m sorry about that.”

Tomorrow night on Farmer Wants A Wife: The farmers’ quest for love soared to new heights thanks to some precious one-on-one time with their ladies. 

“It’s little bit past the crush now,” Sarah says after a solo date with Farmer Joe.

While some connections grow, gut-wrenching decisions are made at the farm farewells as Farmer Dean says: “I’m pretty torn up. It’s probably not the right time for me to make decision. The best choice for me is just to get away from the farm.’

Farmer Wants A Wife on Channel 7 and 7plus – Continues Monday and Tuesday at 7.30pm

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About the Show

Five new farmers are preparing to follow their hearts on Farmer Wants A Wife, premiering 7.00pm Sunday, 14 April on Channel 7 and 7plus.

The attached media kit has all the details ahead of the season premiere, including Q&As with the farmers and ladies, as well as host Samantha Armytage and co-host Natalie Gruzlewski.

Thousands of eligible singles have applied to meet the farmers. Come along on the journey as they meet their favourites and each invite their special five back to the farm to learn who will spark a love that can last forever.

Through first glances, first kisses, romantic dates and life-changing moments, the farmers will find their true love. 

Hosted by Samantha Armytage and co-host Natalie Gruzlewski, Farmer Wants A Wife is set to captivate the audiences with its unique blend of romance, authenticity and country charm.

This year’s farmers include:

Farmer Bert, 30 – Wamuran, QLD

Farmer Joe, 33 – Bombala, NSW

Farmer Dustin, 26 – Condobolin, NSW

Farmer Dean, 25 – Kandanga, QLD

Farmer Tom, 22 – Tabilk, VIC

Farmer Wants A Wife is produced by Eureka Productions for the Seven Network.

Farmer Wants a Wife on Channel 7

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