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Recap | Dancing with the Stars on Channel 7 (16 July)

Dancing with the Stars on Channel 7 – The spotlight fades on Gavin, James and Issa. Triple elimination leaves three places in the Grand Finale.

It was go hard or go home in tonight’s Dancing With The Stars, as Emily Weir, Mary Coustas and Paulini secured the first spots in the Grand Finale; while Gavin Wanganeen, James Magnussen and Issa Schultz were seen dancing off into the sunset.

Kicking off the show, Paulini scored well with a prom-inspired Jive, while James Magnussen’s inspirational Viennese Waltz was filled with jaw-dropping lifts.   

Issa Schultz brought the house down with his Paso Doble, although Todd McKenney found his stern attempt at the dance humorous and cute.

After lapping up the high scores with her latin routines, Home and Away star Emily Weir had a ballroom blitz scoring 35 points with her energetic Quickstep.

Mary Coustas’ alterego Effie stole the limelight with her passionate Paso Doble, while Gavin Wanganeen overcame a back injury to perform an inspiring Rumba.

With the judges and audience votes combined, Gavin was eliminated; while Paulini, Issa and James were left to fight it out for the remaining place in the Grand Finale. 

After all three performed their second chance dance, the judges made the unanimous choice to send Paulini and Igor through to the Grand Finale.

The final leaderboard for the night:

  • Emily Weir and Lyu Masuda – 35
  • Mary Coustas and Aric Yegudkin – 34
  • James Magnussen and Natalie Lowe – 26
  • Paulini and Igor Ifliand – 25
  • Issa Shultz and Lily Cornish – 22
  • Gavin Wanganeen and Megan Wragg – 18

Tomorrow night on Dancing With The Stars: The six remaining couples from the second group battle it out on the dancefloor for the remaining three places in the Grand Finale. And don’t miss judge Sharna Burgess stepping out from behind the desk for her own special performance.

Dancing With The Stars – Continues 7.30pm Monday on Channel 7 and 7plus

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