Comedian Emo Mojak earns Golden Buzzer from Shane Jacobson
Comedian Emo Mojak earns Golden Buzzer from Shane Jacobson (image - Seven)

Recap – Comedy gold as a star is born on AGT

High-flying auditions inspire shock and awe

Powerhouse performers stunned on the world’s biggest stage, as AGT’s incredible auditions continued tonight on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Judges David Walliams, Kate Ritchie, Alesha Dixon and Shane Jacobson were left astounded as another Golden Buzzer-worthy audition took a risk on the AGT stage.

From a comedy star in the making to a ride on the wheel of death, tonight’s auditions ranged from outrageous to courageous, and from graceful to gross.

A powerful performance from Ukrainian aerialist Oleg received a standing ovation and four yeses from the judges. The former dancer – now based in Spain with his mum and sister who fled the war in Ukraine – shared his heartache for his homeland and family, including his father who was left behind.

Kate called Oleg’s audition “spectacular”, while Alesha said: “That was like watching a piece of art. The strength, the grace. It was really poetic, I’ve never seen anything quite like that.”

Emo Majok’s edgy comedy routine left the judges in awe, with Shane awarding the Perth-based 33-year-old a Golden Buzzer and a place in the Semi-Final.

Emo said: “I am auditioning for AGT because representation is everything. I want young Sudanese youths to see that dreams can come true, I’m chasing mine.”

Shane said: “Every now and then there’s those moments, and they happen on shows like this, where you see someone and you go how do we not know about this person? We do now!”

Alesha said: “You took my breath away. The best thing for me about comedy is when you are unafraid to be so on the edge that it makes people so uncomfortable, that we can find humour in the things that we find difficult to discuss.” David added: “Comedy just flows through you like water, you’ve got this wonderful gift.”

The judges held their breath as 65-year-old American Dan Meyer took a sword with a 24-inch blade and declared: “I’m going to stick it down under where the sun don’t shine. This is extremely dangerous, it could kill me.”

Turning the fear factor even higher, Dan invited Kate to pull a car axle from his stomach, and left the judges in awe by pulling a car on stage via a sword in his mouth.

David called Dan’s audition “wildly entertaining”, with Kate adding that he was a “great showman”.

Singer Lucy Williamson, who has performed on London’s West End, bravely took to AGT’s stage to share her courageous story of domestic abuse. Her performance of Somewhere over the rainbow had the judges in tears.

Shane said: “You were born to do that. Welcome back.” David said: “It was just extraordinary, I am still shaking a little bit from that performance.”

Alesha added: “Thank you so much Lucy for being so vulnerable and sharing your story, this moment now is the beginning of the rest of your life.”

See tonight’s incredible highlights here:

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