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Recap | Australian Idol on Channel 7 and 7plus (7 February)

Australian Idol on Channel 7 – This is the Australian Idol Top 30. Judges break the rules to fast-track unbelievable rapper on Australian Idol.

Tonight, the final night of auditions cemented the Australian Idol’s Top 30, with 24-year-old TJ Zimba’s performance leaving judges Marcia Hines, Kyle Sandilands and Amy Shark ready to throw out the rule book. 

The unique hip-hop artist from Karratha, WA – who writes, produces, and records his own beats – was handed a Golden Ticket immediately after his performance of Khalid’s Location, skipping the final deliberation round.  

“We’re going to get in big trouble, but I don’t care. You’re too good,” Amy said. Kyle and Marcia agreed. 

“Because of you we might get fired!” Marcia said. “He owned that stage, that’s what we’re looking for,” exclaimed Kyle.

TJ explained: “I’m most excited to show people why I do music, the reason I got into music and how I actually perform and portray that as an artist.”

Imogen Spendlove, 23, proved she has everything it takes to be an Australian Idol with her stunning performance of Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing

The factory worker from Melbourne gave Kyle goosebumps with her “absolutely beautiful” voice, while Marcia declared: “I think we’re looking at the next Australian Idol.”  

Chenai Boucher, 26, returned to Australian Idol seeking redemption after she didn’t make it past auditions last year.

“I’m back because I believe in myself, hopefully this year is a new opportunity and opens some really big doors,” Chenai said.

The Melbourne personal trainer and business development manager received a Golden Ticket for her performance of River by Bishop.  

Although Marcia and Kyle questioned if Chenai could tone down her “almost aggressive passion” and tap into her vulnerable side, Kyle admitted: “You’ve changed. You’ve learnt from last year. You were also good last year and man you’ve adjusted. Welcome to Australian Idol.” 

Sunday night: The Australian Idol Top 30 take to the stage as the battle to find the nation’s next singing sensation is just getting started.

Australian Idol on Channel 7 and 7plus – Continues 7.00pm Sunday

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Australian Idol on Channel 7

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