Alone Australia on SBS
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Ratings | Alone Australia on SBS delivers strongly

Alone Australia on SBS – More than 4.2m Australians tuned into Alone Australia across the season.

Key Callouts

• One of Australia’s biggest digitally driven TV shows Alone Australia concluded last night with the broadcaster today confirming it will join VOZ Streaming.
• Alone has delivered for SBS with significant uplifts in digital BVOD viewing over 7 days and 28 days and is one of the biggest TV shows on Australian TV.
• 6 episodes have now achieved a Total TV reach of over 1 million viewers.
• Alone Australia episode nine is now at a Total TV reach of 841,000.
• Alone Australia episode 10 achieved an overnight reach of 572,000
• The Reunion Special hosted by Alone superfan Hamish Blake achieved an overnight reach of 534,000
• The show continues to rank highly for SBS on the OzTAM VPM rankings across both 7-day and 28-day charts.

Alone Australia concluded last night with the show once again delivering for SBS across both broadcast and BVOD with seven episodes each now having a Total TV reach of more than 1 million and many episodes seeing around 40 percent of viewing coming via SBS On Demand.

Across the series more than 4.2m Australians tuned in to Alone Australia Season 2 filmed in the picturesque South Island of New Zealand..

SBS’s Director of Television Kathryn Fink lauded the result saying:

“Alone Australia has again proven to be a ratings powerhouse for SBS. This show is unlike anything else in the TV landscape – across both broadcast and SBS On Demand Australians were captivated by the experience of the participants as they braved the wilds of New Zealand’s South Island.”

Last night saw Krzysztof Wojtkowski named the winner of Season 2 taking home the $250,000 prize. The series finale result comes on the same day that SBS and OzTAM confirmed the hybrid funded national broadcaster would join its free-to-air counterparts and bring SBS On Demand into VOZ Streaming which gives marketers full programmatic access to Australia’s free-to-air commercial BVOD inventory.

“Over many years SBS On Demand has built an important position in the premium video market with a deep library focused on building audience and scale through BVOD-led shows like Alone,”

– said Adam Sadler, SBS’s Director of Media Sales.

“SBS has always maintained a collaborative position in the market. We are very pleased to bring SBS On Demand into the VOZ Streaming giving marketers access to the diverse audiences who regularly come to our platform.”

With BVOD now accounting for approximately 10 percent of Total TV minutes viewed weekly, programmatic trading across SBS On Demand, 7plus, 9Now and 10 Play and will enable advertisers to aggregate the scale of BVOD services while managing de-duplicated reach and frequency (‘R&F’), and frequency capping.

OzTAM is working with broadcasters, media agencies, third party software suppliers and leading ad tech providers towards the launch of VOZ Streaming, and will share further updates with the market as the roll-out commences.

Alone Australia on SBS
Alone Australia on SBS
Alone Australia on SBS

Alone Australia on SBS and SBS on Demand

Alone Australia on SBS

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Alone Australia on SBS

Alone Australia on SBS

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