Maritime Masters: Expedition Antarctica on Discovery
Maritime Masters: Expedition Antarctica (image - Discovery)

Maritime Masters: Expedition Antarctica on Discovery starts this weekend

Maritime Masters: Expedition Antarctica on Discovery – Maritime Masters: Expedition Antarctica’, the new docuseries exploring the access-all-areas six-star voyage on board Scenic Eclipse, premieres this week with five new one-hour episodes, set to showcase the ultimate journey to the most pristine wildernesses and remote places on earth.

Premiering on Discovery Channel from 14 May, the five-episode series introduces the key characters that viewers will get to know and admire, including the Masters, Scenic Eclipse Captain Erwan Le Rouzic, Expedition Operations Director Jason Flesher and VP Hotel Operations Chef Tom Goetter, as they intimately share the challenges in real-time to create a life-changing ultra-luxury voyage experiences for the guests.  

Captain Erwan Le Rouzic said: 

“I was excited to be able to show the passion and commitment we go to on The World’s First Discovery Yacht. It’s still very mysterious for many people, how we operate an expedition yacht and the complexity of what’s happening on board at all times during the voyage.”

Expedition Operations Director Jason Flesher said:

For me, being part of a project like this was very humbling, but very exciting. No other expedition ship provides the diversity and depth of immersive experiences. We are the pioneers with helicopters and submersibles, exploration with our inquisitive guests seeking adventure”  

VP Hotel Operations Chef Tom Goetter said:

It’s great to show the culinary aspect of Scenic Eclipse. It is not only an incredible Discovery Yacht on a global expedition, as we also take guests on a culinary journey to explore a diversity of cuisines too. I’m really happy to have the opportunity to introduce my chefs to the world and showcase luxury cruising in a different light.”

The five-part docuseries includes:

●        Episode One: The Beginning – As Scenic Eclipse’s epic voyage to Antarctica embarks from San Diego, viewers are introduced to the show’s key characters ahead of the first expedition to Jacques Cousteau Island, Mexico. They also attempt the first commercial submersible night dive in Huatulco, Mexico.

●        Episode Two: Dishing Up Dreams – Jason and guests go on an emotional hike in Guatemala, Jed leads a cacao mission in El Salvador, and Erwan confronts strong currents in Costa Rica. After an intense weather delay puts Cruise Director Josh on the spot to create a surprise Halloween party, while Chef Tom gives Chef Strawberry the opportunity of a lifetime.

●        Episode Three: Journey to the End of the World – The English Narrows provides navigational challenges, while the submarine pilots carry out an epic first-ever submarine dive in the Chilean Fjords. Chef Tom challenges Chef Nik, as Captain Radomir strives to achieve a first for all on the Discovery Yacht, setting foot on land at the treacherous Cape Horn.

Episode Four, Deception Island – Captain Erwan must provide a ‘wind block’, while the Drake Passage delivers a rare weather event, and penguins prove to be a highlight for guests.

Guests set foot on land for the first time in Antarctica before the weather changes plans for Penguin Island and numerous expeditions.

●        Episode Five: New Beginnings – The Discovery Team lead an unforgettable penguin expedition on Danco Island, as Brendon and Jason search for 10,000-year-old glacier ice to make an Antarctica-themed cocktail. Captain Erwan expertly navigates the Lemaire Channel and the ‘polar plunge’ commences, with crew and guests swimming in the ice cold waters. What could possibly be next? A new discovery yacht?

Maritime Masters: Expedition Antarctica is produced for Discovery Channel and Warner Bros. Discovery in collaboration with Dundas Media. It airs on 13 May in the USA and Canada; 14 May in Australia and New Zealand; and 4 June in the UK.

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Maritime Masters: Expedition Antarctica on Discovery

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