Maritime Masters Expedition Antarctica on Discovery
Maritime Masters Expedition Antarctica (image - Discovery)

Maritime Masters Expedition Antarctica on Discovery offers a promo

Maritime Masters Expedition Antarctica on Discovery – The series showcases life on board Scenic Eclipse, the world’s first discovery yacht operated by Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours, with an access-all-areas look at world-class professionals at sea and key characters from the Scenic crew taking viewers on a voyage of discovery.

From gastronomic cuisine and personalised in-suite butler services to soaring above by helicopter and diving deep below in a custom-designed submarine, Warner Bros. Discovery documents what it takes to journey to some of the world’s most pristine and culturally rich travel destinations across seven continents, including Antarctica while delivering lifechanging travel experiences for guests.

The world’s first discovery yacht sails from San Diego to Antarctica ensuring viewers see cruise ships in a whole new way.  This revealing and exclusive behind-the-scenes view of this ultra-luxury cruise ship  delivers wonderful experiences of all kinds of adventures, fauna and flora on their epic journey. 

‘What you will see underwater, nobody has ever seen it yet, nobody ever’  – Erwan, Captain 

‘I want to make sure people see cruise ships in a different way, where they say hey WOW I have never had food like this on a ship’ – Tom, Director of Food and Beverage

Scenic Eclipse staff ratio is one for one with 200 staff looking after 200 guests.  The yacht is  just over half the size of an average cruise liner, at 168 metres in length and is just longer than one and half football fields.  Because it’s  more compact, the crew and yacht has access to ports across the world others can not.  The Scenic Eclipse, is a perfect marriage of space,  innovative technology and maneuverability. A must see series.

A major star of the series is nature, we visit Jacques Cousteau Island, take an excursion to the top of an active volcano, explore the Petrouhé Falls & Fjords in Chile, view sea lions, experience crumbling glaciers, and even sight penguins jumping outside of the yacht window before joining an unforgettable penguin expedition on Danco Island.

Maritime Masters Expedition Antarctica premieres on Discovery Channel in 20 languages internationally with USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Europe

The series was produced by Warner Bros. Discovery in collaboration with Dundas Media. 

Maritime Masters Expedition Antarctica premieres Sunday 14 May at 7.30pm AEST on Discovery. 

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Maritime Masters Expedition Antarctica on Discovery
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