June on Warner Bros. Discovery
Gold Rush (image - Discovery)

June on Warner Bros. Discovery

June on Warner Bros. Discovery – highlights include Hustlers Gamblers Crooks, Gold Rush, Say Yes to the Dress: India, Seeking Sister Wife, Fallen Idols: Nick and Aaron Carter, Evil Lives Here: The Killer Speaks, Born Evil: The Serial Killer and The Savior, Expedition Unknown, Shorty’s Dream Shop and Faster with Newbern and Cotten.

June on Warner Bros. Discovery
Hustlers Gamblers Crooks

Monday, 24 June at 8.30pm AEST | New Series (6×60)

This thrilling series reveals the shocking truth of high-stakes gambling and the people who risk everything to win big. From the horror of betting your last cent, to the anxiety of trying to scam the system, to the euphoria of pulling off a life-changing win, every story is compellingly and emotively told directly to the camera first-hand by the people who lived them.

Packed with gut-wrenching ‘all-in’ moments and unique insights, Hustlers Gamblers Crooks is terrifying, hilarious, and unforgettable. Join us on the ride of a lifetime as we root for these incredible underdogs who put it all on the line to change their and their loved ones’ futures.

In this episode: A roulette dealer discovers a way to cheat for his favourite customers, a cocky pool hustler gets held at gunpoint, and a high-stakes gambler ends up in a Vegas car chase with $4.5 million in cash in his back seat.

June on Warner Bros. Discovery
Gold Rush (Season 14)

Thursday, 27 June at 8.30pm AEST | New Season (20×60, 3×120)

In the all new season of Gold Rush, Parker Schnabel must decide whether to scale back or bet it all on buying Dominion Creek; Rick Ness returns to mine after going MIA for a year; and the Beets family finally get access to their coveted claims on the Indian River, but an absent kid may derail the dynasty.

In this episode: Parker weighs betting everything on a new claim that could pay out upwards of $160 million. Rick Ness reemerges after going MIA. One family member’s decision rattles the Beets, and Tony gets long-awaited news.

June on Warner Bros. Discovery
Say Yes to the Dress: India

Wednesday, 12 June at 7.30pm AEST | New Series (8×30))

One of our favourite TLC shows is heading to India!

Here the Indian wedding is celebrated with family, fun, dancing, and a burst of colours. Style Director Divyak D’Souza meets the families and friends and gets to know the bride before they finally choose the outfit for their big day. Every bride has a different wish for each different outfit – it’s not just the wedding dress, it’s the mehndi anarkali or the sangeet lehenga or the reception saree.

Each bride’s experience is a bespoke one. Live the drama first-hand with the bride, and her family on the couch, as they say ‘yes’ to the dress.

In this episode: Covid ruined all bride Shivani’s plans, but being ever the dreamer, she’s still out to find the perfect dress to wear to marry the man of her dreams. Meanwhile, wedding planner Malika knows exactly what she wants, down to every last detail.

June on Warner Bros. Discovery
Seeking Sister Wife (Season 5)

Thursday, 20 June at 8.30pm AEST | New Season (12×60)

Plural dating can be complicated – more people, more problems! Seeking Sister Wife follows the lives of three very unique families who are all in various phases of seeking, dating, or transitioning a new sister wife into their lives.

They’ll date online, date in person, and explore the ins and outs of seeking and incorporating a new wife into their plural families.

In this episode: Trying to move past their breakup with Roberta, the Merrifields dive back into dating. Nailah and Naeem reveal a big secret to Naeem’s mother. The Davises navigate insecurities with their newest wife. The Sherwoods try an unusual approach to seeking.

June on Warner Bros. Discovery
90 Day: The Single Life (Season 4)

Wednesday, 5 June at 8.30pm AEST | New Season (15×60 + 1×120)

Now single, 90 Day Fiance favourites are looking to find love again while attempting to let go of baggage from their past. They must navigate the world of online dating, set ups, and first dates and learn to become exclusive with someone new.

In this episode: Newly divorced Chantel gets her groove back in Greece with friends. Natali welcomes a special someone at the airport and makes big moves in her life. Tyray is working on himself and has a new crush. Debbie is ready to get back out there after Oussama.

June on Warner Bros. Discovery
Fallen Idols: Nick and Aaron Carter

Friday 7 June at 9.30pm AEST (double eps, over two weeks) | New Series (4×60)

Fallen Idols: Nick and Aaron Carter is a four-part docuseries that delves into the lives of Nick and Aaron Carter.

From their outsized fame in the late 1990s and early 2000s; to their headline-making struggles in recent years, the docuseries pulls back the curtain on the fraught dynamic of the Carter family and the dark side of such an abrupt rise to fame.

At its core, Fallen Idols explores the accusations of sexual assault against Nick Carter by three women, while also diving into his brother, Aaron Carter’s, struggles with mental health and substance abuse – and the rift that occurred after Aaron decided to support his brother’s accusers.

In 2017, Nick Carter was accused of sexual assault by singer and actress Melissa Schuman, former member of a popular girl group DREAM while Nick Carter and Backstreet Boys were at the height of their fame.

In the years following Schuman’s decision to come forward, additional accusers, Ashley Repp and Shay Ruth, spoke out with similar accusations. During this period, Aaron Carter decided to support Nick’s accusers, while battling addiction and struggling with his own mental health, stoking a very public feud between the two brothers in the lead up to Aaron’s tragic death in 2022.

Fallen Idols: Nick and Aaron Carter delves into the accusations against Nick and how those intertwined with the volatile relationship between the two brothers.

Featuring exclusive interviews with Melissa Schuman, Ashley Repp, and Shay Ruth, who offer emotional, powerful insights and perspectives into their allegations against Nick, Fallen Idols: Nick and Aaron Carter not only offers a deeper understanding around the allegations, but also chronicles the intense backlash Nick’s accusers have faced since their decision to speak publicly and the lasting impact that has had on their lives.

The docuseries also features first-hand accounts from a member of the Carter family and close family friends, including Nick’s ex-girlfriend Kaya Jones and Aaron’s former fiancé Melanie Martin, to offer an intimate perspective on how intense fame and the spotlight caused a rift between two brothers.

Over four parts, Fallen Idols explores the dark side of fame and fraught family dynamics but also the intense challenges faced by accusers who come forward against celebrities and pop culture icons in today’s modern world.

** Viewer Discretion is advised**

June on Warner Bros. Discovery
Evil Lives Here: The Killer Speaks

Monday, 17 June at 8.30pm AEST | New Series (6×60)

Evil hides in the shadows. It lies and deceives. And it may be lurking inside your own home. Evil Lives Here: The Killer Speaks gives an intimate look inside the home of a killer. In this new series we speak to the family members of killers and go inside prison walls to interview evil itself.

The result is an in-prison conversation unlike anything seen before, exploring the years leading to the crime and the hell the perpetrators put their own loved ones through. We’ll ask questions the killers have never been asked before, resulting in powerful, chilling, and contentious encounters.

In this episode: Michelle looks up to her father, but over time, fear and disgust replaces respect. As a teen, her world changes forever as horrific revelations buried for years finally emerge. Now, Michelle’s father must answer for his crimes.

June on Warner Bros. Discovery
Born Evil: The Serial Killer and The Savior

Saturday, 29 June at 9.30pm AEST | New Series (5×60)

Mercurial psychopath Hadden Clark is the most dangerous serial killer you’ve never heard of.
This shocking new series delves into his upbringing in a murderous household, and the implausible relationship he forged with his “confessor,” a cellmate he was convinced was Jesus Christ.

To solve the mountain of cold cases he’s linked with, investigators take Clark and ‘Jesus’ on an unprecedented search for the bodies he claims he has buried.

Exclusive and intimate interviews with ‘Jesus,’ Clark’s family, the friends and family of his victims and the investigators who tracked him, result in an outlandish journey through the world of this unforgettable killer.

In this episode: In 1986, a six-year-old girl vanishes without a trace from her backyard. Fifteen years later, a man confesses gruesome details of a murderous life after he starts to believe his new cellmate, a convicted murderer, is Jesus Christ.

June on Warner Bros. Discovery
Expedition Unknown

Sunday, 9 June at 8.30pm AEST | (1×60)

Josh treks north of the Arctic Circle to search for the DNA of the long-extinct woolly mammoth. The hunt takes him to a sinkhole in the Siberian permafrost as well as a mining camp where tusk hunters dig for mammoth ivory.

June on Warner Bros. Discovery
Shorty’s Dream Shop (Season 2)

Thursday, 6 June at 8.30pm AEST | New Season (10×60)

Everyone knows the American Dream wouldn’t be complete without a great ride, but restoring classic cars is more than just a job for Shorty and his crew. These talented mechanics take loved cars and transform them into sleek hot rods for deserving owners. They’re bringing the American Dream to life, one build at time.

In this episode: Shorty’s buddy Tommy has a ’69 Camaro that needs some love, with damaged paint on the hood and malfunctioning headlight motors. Another friend, T-bone, stops by with his ’65 Impala for an air ride, updated interior and repainted steering wheel.

June on Warner Bros. Discovery
Faster with Newbern and Cotten (Season 2)

Saturday, 8 June at 8.30pm AEST | New Season (12×60)

Everyone wants their car to be better, faster, stronger, but can a difference be made on a small budget in a few days? David Newbern and Mike Cotten may not have all the answers, but they’re willing to give it a run by mixing affordable upgrades with sweat equity.

They show the ideology, technology, and work it takes to add speed in a matter of days without breaking the bank.

In this episode: The guys take Dave’s blown, big-block ’57 Bel Air to compete in the autocross at Cruisin’ the Coast in Mississippi. With a complete overhaul of the suspension in the event’s parking lot, the guys find out how much lap time they can shave in a weekend.

June on Warner Bros. Discovery
June on Warner Bros. Discovery

June on Warner Bros. Discovery

June on Warner Bros. Discovery

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June on Warner Bros. Discovery

June on Warner Bros. Discovery

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June on Warner Bros. Discovery

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June on Warner Bros. Discovery

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June on Warner Bros. Discovery

June on Warner Bros. Discovery

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