June on Shelter
James Turrell: Automotive Design Network (image - Shelter)

June on Shelter

June on Shelter – Shelter highlights include It’s Dutch Design and James Turrell: Automotive Design Network.

Discover the creativity, functionality and pure utility that underpins Dutch Design; and discover how an artist’s use of light, colour & motion create a sense of mystery and curiosity for an automotive design centre this June on SHELTER

June on Shelter

How did the Netherlands succeed in gaining a world famous reputation in the field of design?

This feature length documentary explores the origins of Dutch Design, its definitions, its international success, and what is typically Dutch about this design style.

Featuring interviews with Maarten Baas, Tejo Remy, Christien Meindertsma and Nacho Carbonell, these key figures of the movement reveal their personal visions and explain why a small country could become such a big player in the design world. 

From Maarten Baas’ I Think Therefore I Was video installation at Milan Design Week; to Studio Dunbar’s sharp & simplistic communications designs; the iconic and bizarre Droog Design furniture of the 90s; the Eindhoven Design Academy, a proving ground for many fledgling designers; to the practical implementation of this philosophy into the worldwide industries of furniture making, car manufacturing, sustainability and beyond. 

Dive inside the pragmatic & innovative minds that refuse to be bound by the traditional rules of design; and discover just what it is that makes a design truly Dutch. 

“God created the world; except for Holland. That was made by the Dutch!”

“Because our society has an open structure, people who may not like each other still have to listen to each other.”

“We have literally built this country from the ground up. We are designers by nature.”

IT’S DUTCH DESIGN (60 mins) Netherlands 2019 (Available June 3)

June on Shelter

When Jacques Ripault was commissioned to create the PSA Peugeot Citroën Design Center in Vélizy, France, the design brief called for a collective space for the car manufacturer to house its 1,100 designers, engineers and technicians.

Named Automotive Design Network, the studio spaces here would require good visibility & lighting, and a healthy dose of natural daylight – where the new car designs could be studied. 

With light as the basis for the construction’s huge specifications, a total surface area of 70,000 square metres across three floors, the building now required its own signature, and so the company turned to artist James Turrell – famous for working with light.  

Turrell sought to blend the horizontal & vertical motion of the building with ever-changing light and colour, to create a subtle sense of life and change when viewing the building. 

Needing to blend an openness of light with a secrecy from prying external eyes, the building design is both transparent and secluded; which is only enhanced by Turrell’s lighting array.

The building has a sense of life and mystery; protecting the Peugeot / Citroën secrets within, while simultaneously inviting curiosity from the outside, and elevating the space into a work of art itself. 

“The idea is to take something practical, and expose its other side of life.”

“There’s a secret life of buildings.”

JAMES TURRELL: AUTOMOTIVE DESIGN NETWORK (15 mins) France 2005 (Available June 17)

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June on Shelter

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June on Shelter

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