iwonder introduces pet subtitles
iWonder pet subtitles (image - Iwonder)

iwonder introduces pet subtitles

iwonder introduces pet subtitles – all-inclusive documentary streaming service, iWonder, home to some of the world’s most diverse factual content, today announces the rollout of English and Spanish closed caption subtitles for cats and dogs, supporting rising on-demand TV viewership among millions of pets.

The addition of text-based support for domestic animals is being introduced to aid the millions of cats and dogs who are hard of hearing, or prefer to watch documentaries on the move, as well as providing foreign-language subtitles for pets for whom English is not their first language, with Spanish initially launching alongside English.

While streaming service viewership among pets has risen in line with their owners’ consumption, so far little has been done to improve the viewing experience for cats and dogs left lamenting the loss of their favourite pet food commercials among ad-free streaming services.

Helping pets to keep pace with the rapidly changing world, while addressing poor quality content overload caused by the glut of mediocre dramas and comedies, iWonder, will be making it easier and more accessible than ever for cats and dogs to understand more about the issues that matter.

While iWonder acknowledges that not all cats and dogs will be able to understand the information contained in iWonder’s library of informative documentaries – particularly those related to the crucial subject of climate change – neither can some of the world’s most prominent politicians.

While rollout of the subtitles across iWonder’s full library of more than 1,000 documentary features films and series will initially be gradual to accommodate nap times and walkies for iwonder’s team of consulting cats and canines, the first title to benefit from the captions will include Rescuing Rex, following the journey taken by thousands of rescue dogs around the world.

Andreas von Maltzahn, CEO & Co-Founder at iWonder, says:

“Cats and dogs have loyally followed their owners in the mass migration from traditional TV to streaming, so why should they have to put up with a paw experience just because they don’t pay the bills?” While not all cats and dogs will be able to follow every word of iWonder’s subtitles from the outset, most pets should have gained a level of literacy similar to fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians after just a couple of weeks of sustained viewing.”

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iwonder introduces pet subtitles

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