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Drive TV special on Nine to help prime Aussies on electrical vehicles

Australia’s leading automotive news and reviews website will air a television special on Channel 9 this weekend to help educate and inspire Australians on the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs). 

The program ‘Drive Electric’ is hosted by the trusted Drive team of Trent Nikolic, and Emma Notarfrancesco, as they share the basics of EVs, including the types of cars, how to charge at home and on the road, as well as some of the unique challenges presented by Australia’s size and distance.

The team will also be joined by special guests Catherine King, Minister Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development; Tim Washington, CEO of JET Charge and Chargefox and Chair of EV Council; Scott Nargar, Hyundai Senior Manager of Future Mobility & Government Relations and Co-Founder and Director of the Australian Hydrogen Council; Paul Samson, Executive Director of the Volkswagen Group Australia; and Joshua Cunningham, Strategic Fuels & Mobility Marketing Manager at BP.  

The information will also be published in a special eight page liftout in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age this weekend (15-16 October). 

Presenter and Drive’s Director of Content, James Ward says: “EVs represent the biggest change to everyday transport since we swapped horses for horsepower – they’re fast, silent and cost efficient to run – but these are still early days, and there is plenty for Australians to learn and some barriers to still overcome.”

“The special program ‘Drive Electric’ has been created with Aussie drivers in mind. If you’re considering going electric for your next car, or even your next, next car, you need to think of what type will you choose, where and how will you charge it, and how can you get the most benefits and value for your whole family.

“Our goal was to help take the hassle out of the research process, and have sought out leading industry experts to share their knowledge on the journey to electrification, and what the future may look like for Australian drivers”, said Ward. 

The future of motoring is happening right now, so plug-in with Drive as they get Australians ready for an electric future. 

Drive Electric airs at 3pm this Sunday 16 October on Channel 9. 

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