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Drive TV on Channel 9 focuses on electric vehicles

Drive TV on Channel 9 – Drive presenters Trent Nikolic, Emma Notarfrancesco, Susannah Guthrie and James Ward meet five people who have made ‘the switch’ and follow them on their electric vehicle ownership journey.

The Drive EV feature documentary and print lift-out looks at what challenges, costs and stereotypes these real-world owners have overcome to make electric vehicles integrate into their everyday lives and homes. 

“If you are part of the 86 per cent of the Australian population who lives in an urban area and travel less than 100km per day, then electric vehicle ownership can absolutely work if you want it to,”

– said James Ward, Drive’s Director of Content. 

Drive TV on Channel 9

EV ownership isn’t just restricted to the city dwellers. The electric special also looks at what it means to make the switch when one doesn’t have the luxury of big city infrastructure. 

“Not all of our owners can charge at home, as our regional and high-density owners need to use the public network. And while it’s still desperately lagging, with a few considerations to how you go about your week, even this can be easy – with planning. However, the best part is it’s going to get even easier,” adds James.

According to data from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, 23,926 electric vehicles have been reported as sold over the first four months of this year.

This represents an increase of 214 per cent increase over the same period last year. Based on this projection, we’re set to see 70,000 new electric cars on Australian roads by the end of the year.

“Australia presents a challenging motoring landscape. While we’re still behind the likes of many countries when it comes to charging infrastructure, we’re seeing buyer confidence like never before,” said Drive TV host and Managing Editor, Trent Nikolic.

“For the first time we’ve seen electric vehicles outsell the more traditional hybrid model which tells us we’re starting to see buyer decision evolve beyond traditional EV ownership barriers. Living the electric dream may just be easier than you think,” said Trent.

Recently aired on 9Network, Drive TV Season 4 featured 10 episodes dedicated to electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles while celebrating the great Australian road trip. This latest feature in Drive TV’s electric vehicle suite follows on from the hugely popular EV special which aired in October 2022 – the highest rated and most streamed Drive TV episode to date.

Tune in for Drive TV ‘Living with Electric Vehicles’ at 12pm Saturday 27 May on 9Network. All previous episodes are available for streaming on 9Now: 

‘Living the Electric Dream’ 12-page supplementary lift-out available in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age this Saturday 27 May.

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