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Amendment – Nine removes New Amsterdam from the schedule during its final season

Nine has yanked the US medical drama, New Amsterdam, from the schedule to make room for Footy Classified / 100% Footy on Monday nights.

In an unsual move, Nine has pulled New Amsterdam from the line-up, just a few episodes short of its final ever episode. Although, Footy Classified / 100% Footy are taking the slot, it is assumed that Nine knew they could only air the series for a few episodes in the Monday 10:30 slot and would have had a game plan for a new slot.

However, Nine has revealed to TvCentral that the show’s scheduled run of final episodes on broadcast is uncertain with no new time slot determined as yet. Nine assures fans that the show will return. Nine also reveals that the episodes will be available on 9Now. At the time of this publication, no further episodes were available on 9Now.

Sydney and Brisbane viewers stopped at episode 4 and Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth viewers stopped at episode 5. There are 13 episodes in the fifth and final season.

This has been another example of Nine, where although episodes of shows may be available on 9Now, traditional broadcast viewers whom don’t have the internet coverage or plan to cover streaming shows, are missing out.

Episodes of Mega Zoo, Emergecy, Dream Listing: Byron Bay and Taronga: Who’s Who in the Zoo have missing episodes in various markets for traditional broadcast, even though episodes are available on 9Now. Similarily, See No Evil will air on Wednesday nights in Sydney and Brisbane, whilst Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth screen Footy Classifed, with Evil not being being broadcast in southern states – even on a multi channel.

Nine also has episodes not screened (for all markets) for Accident, Suicide or Murder, Social Media Murders, Botched, Travel Guides NZ, My Feet are Killing Me, Inside the Superbrands and Casualty 24/7.

In other positive news though, unlike in previous years, NRL and primary channel shows will be swapped in all markets on Thursday and Friday nights so there will be no missing episodes of shows in any market.

Desert Vet is being played out on Sunday nights on 9Gem and Police After Dark has a slot on 9Rush for missing episodes.

Coincidentally, 10 has removed NCIS: Los Angeles from the line-up during its final season. You can read more details HERE

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