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Crazy Fun Park (image - ABC)

Welcome to Crazy Fun Park on ABC ME and ABC iview

Behind the walls of an eerie, abandoned theme park, an incredible adventure full of intrigue, thrills and hijinks awaits.

 Creator/Writer/Director Nicholas Verso (Boys In The Trees) and Producer Joanna Werner (The Newsreader, Dance Academy, Surviving Summer) tell the story of high school best friends Chester (Henry Strand) and Mapplethorpe (Stacy Clausen) who must grapple with life after death when tragedy strikes.

A haunted adventure ensues as the group of ghoulish teens who reside in the old, abandoned theme park appear. The fun park offers Chester a reprieve from dealing with the loss of his best friend when he discovers Mapplethorpe now lives among the undead in the park.

However, Chester and Mapplethorpe must face the reality of life apart or deal with the deadly consequences.

As well as Henry and Stacy, Crazy Fun Park boasts an exciting cast of young, emerging Australian talent including Hannah Ogawa as Violetta, Justin Holborow as Remus, Pedrea Jackson as Nimrod, Charli Wookey as Siobhan, Jason Thompson as Zed,  Georgia La Belle as Destinee, Lee Halley as Gonzo and Ziggy Zilberman-Sharp as Tigger plus appearances from a venerable adult guest cast including Judith Lucy, Kim Gyngell, Katherine Tonkin, Bernard Curry, Alexandra Schepisi, Kuni Hashimoto, Alicia Banit, Simon Burke, Sally-Anne Upton, Anne Charleston and Rachael Maza.

Verso was inspired to create a show after losing several friends as a teenager.

“I never really spoke about it. There was no language for a teenage boy to process grief and what happens when you watch somebody’s life get ripped away from them. So I wanted to create a show that dealt with grief and loss but was also a fun, explosive celebration of life and spirit and how that energy can live on in our memories.”

The show was filmed in a custom-designed theme park, built in Altona by acclaimed production designer, Paddy Reardon (Muriel’s Wedding, Chopper, Underbelly).

Crazy Fun Park premieres Sunday, 1 January 2023 at 6pm on ABC ME and ABC iview.

All episodes will be available on Sunday, 1 January on ABC iview from 7am.

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(Image L-R: Henry Strand as Chester, Stacy Clausen as Mapplethorpe, Pedrea Jackson as Nimrod, Hannah Ogawa as Violetta, Justin Holborrow as Remus, Lee Halley as Gonzo, Charli Wookey as Siobhan, Jason Thompson as Zed, and Georgia La Belle as Destinee) 

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