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White Fever on ABC – Jane and Yu Chang have great sex and for the first time Jane physically and emotionally connects with an Asian man. She tells Yu Chang about the letters from her birth father and that she’s planning to write back.

Yu Chang thinks it’s massive and encourages Jane to tell her parents at her Gotcha Day birthday lunch.

At home, Jane is reading one of the letters sent by her birth father when Kintaro jumps out of his bowl. Jack manages to get him back in, which gets him and Jane on better terms again. However, as they arrive at Mount Whiteman for Gotcha Day, Jane realises that Jack is still in denial about Deidre’s new relationship with Llewellyn.

Deidre, Uncle Bob, and Grandma Coral (Deidre Rubenstein) are waiting for them to celebrate Gotcha Day. Deidre gets everyone’s attention as she performs a cringey but endearing adoption poem and Jack mimes along with her.

It’s hard for Jane to get a word in edgeways, but finally she is able to take the floor and announce her plans to write to her birth father. Deidre is over the moon while Jack stays quiet.

But then Deidre crumbles into tears because the letters are missing. Jane reveals that it was she who took the letters…

Jane then surprises herself when she blurts out that she’s going to Korea. Jack asks if she’s serious, and to prove it, Jane announces that she had sex with Yu Chang. This spirals into a farcical discussion about whether Jane is Asian. Jack thinks not and that she’s ‘just like him’ but Jane tells Jack she doesn’t want to be ‘just like him’ anymore. When Jack calls Jane ungrateful and mentions all the things they have given her, she hits back and asks about what she’s lost.

Jane arrives home to find Kintaro dead! Yu Chang comes over and Jane inadvertently reveals she announced to her family that they had sex. Yu Chang can’t believe he got sucked into her attempt at an ‘Asian awakening’. Jane strikes back and says she was using him.

Sad and alone, Jane gets a message from her mum – Jack is fishing, and she should join him. After an overwhelming day, Jane decides what she needs to do and jumps in a cab.

Production credit: A Black Sheep Films, Orange Entertainment Co., and Unruly Productions Series. Major production investment from Screen Australia and ABC. Financed with support from VicScreen. Producers Katherine Fry and Lisa Wang. Executive Producers Dan Lake, Kurt Royan, Ra Chapman and Rosie Lourde and ABC Executive Producers Louise Smith and Todd Abbott. International Sales by ABC Commercial.

White Fever on ABC and ABC iview – Wednesday 15 May, 2024 at 9.00pm

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White Fever on ABC

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