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New Leash on Life on ABC – Across the country, tens of thousands of dogs enter pounds each year for many different reasons.

In some places, unclaimed dogs can be euthanised after just 7 days – resulting in thousands of healthy dogs put to sleep each year. Renowned comedian Joel Creasey teams up with leading dog behaviourist Laura V to reduce the number of dogs in pounds. Together they rescue, train and pair them with a family or person in need of a dog.

Over 6 heart-warming episodes, Joel and Laura work towards a mutual rescue, that sees a dog paired with a new family.

But this match can be complex, and it’s a two-way street. Laura must ensure the dog will work well with the family, and the family is the right home for the dog.

Though he’s a big dog lover, Joel has never stepped foot in a pound before and he has much to learn from Laura. A fish out of water, Joel quickly learns from Laura and works with the rescue dogs to prepare them for their new homes.

Production credit: An Artemis production. Financed with the assistance of ABC and ScreenWest. Series Producer Nia Pericles and Hannah Pocock. Executive Producers Celia Tait and Nia Pericles. ABC Executive Producer Leo Faber. Worldwide distribution managed by ABC Commercial.

New Leash on Life – Tuesday 4 July, 2023 at 8.00pm on ABC TV and ABC iview

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New Leash on Life on ABC

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