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Muster Dogs on ABC – The pups are starting to develop their own unique personalities and building a good bond with their owners. Training for the five-month assessment is well underway, with Zoe and Cilla struggling to find their rhythm with boisterous Buddy and Ash.

Puppy expert Neil McDonald explains that at the five month mark the key to success is establishing a strong bond with the puppies, known as the Bluetooth connection. Neil sets out the eight key assessments that the pups must pass to move onto the next stage.

With businesses to run, staff to manage and families to care for, our trainers are constantly juggling priorities to deliver the essential ten minutes a day of quality training that they have committed to, and which is required to keep the pups on track.

It’s spills and thrills as our puppies and trainers stumble and at times leap through the tasks with mixed results- three puppies pass and two puppies fails.

Expert Neil is worried the puppies may have gotten the better of their trainers, with a desperate call to Cilla to make some important changes.

The next two months will be very interesting for our fabulous five. The trainers need to put in the time with these potential champion muster dogs and really be consistent with their training if they have any hope of passing the seven-month assessment.

Production credits: An Ambience Entertainment production for the ABC with production investment from Screen Queensland and financed with support from the ABC. Executive Producer: Matthew Street.Producers: Monica O’Brien and Michael Boughen. Co-producer John Unwin. ABC Executive Producer: Rachel Robinson. Commissioning Editor: Jo Chichester. ABC Head of Factual: Susie Jones. Narrator: Lisa Millar.

Muster Dogs on ABC and ABC iview – Sunday 21 January, 2024 at 7.30pm

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Muster Dogs on ABC

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