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Midsomer Murders on ABC – In the picture-perfect hamlet of Goodman’s Land, tension is mounting. After a hard-won battle three years prior for the village to become ‘The Greenest in Midsomer’ with plastic-free, car-limiting and energy-saving incentives, the eco residents are horrified to find that following the expiration of a centuries-old lease, the village was put up for sale and bought by a Texan oilman RED ‘ROOSTER’ HARLIN III.

The change of ownership, however, is better news for those who lost out when businesses faltered. The lease on Goodman’s Land dates back 850 years and would expire unless someone proved a claim on the land – but with no one able to make a valid claim, the village was put up for sale. Being bought by a Texas oilman would be an issue for any village but for Goodman’s Land, it is off the scale. The village prides itself, markets itself even, on its green credentials.

And with the new owner en route, his impending arrival resurfaces both hopes and fears that he will revert the village to ‘the bad old days’.

To add to this, the Annual Red Hot Chilli Competition is imminent. Goodman’s Land rarely welcomes visitors but makes an exception for this event which focuses on who has grown the biggest and the best but mainly the hottest chillies. It goes without saying that all chillies have to be ethically grown and their spiciness naturally developed. It is a matter of honour to perform well at the competition.

So, when environmentalist Lana Markham comes across Danny Tarleton’s body, stabbed by a weather vane, Barnaby and Winter are called in to investigate. Was Danny killed to send a message about climate change? Or is someone desperate to retrain their title at the chilli competition? The pressure is on to work out who would kill Danny and why before the killer can strike again.

Production credit: Bentley Productions & All3Media International

Midsomer Murders on ABC and ABC iview – Friday 8 March, 2024 at 8:30pm (season final)

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Midsomer Murders on ABC
Midsomer Murders (image – ABC)

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