Midsomer Murders on ABC
Midsomer Murders (image - ABC)

Tonight | Midsomer Murders on ABC and ABC iview

Midsomer Murders on ABC – The animal-loving village of Greater Canis has been blighted by an increase in pet-related crimes.

Luckily, Pet Detective Frank Bailey is on hand to help, investigating everything from kidnapped dogs to missing parrots.

Frank is being honoured as a local hero with an award dinner at an Indian restaurant. But when Frank is mysteriously absent from the table, it isn’t long before he is discovered murdered in a dog kennel.

Barnaby and Winter arrive to investigate – but as they begin to unravel the messy lives of their suspects, it soon becomes clear why some of Greater Canis’s residents prefer furry friends to humans.

Midsomer Murders – Friday 1 March, 2024 at 8:30pm on ABC and ABC iview

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Midsomer Murders on ABC
Midsomer Murders (image – ABC)

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