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Midsomer Murders on ABC – Ten years ago, the genius puzzle setter Bertram Jewel (Jon Culshaw) published Seeker, a bestselling picture book which sparked a nationwide hunt.

The book promised hidden treasure, worth a life-changing amount, to whoever solved the clues hidden within the elaborate drawings in its pages. But despite the best puzzle solvers and treasure hunters searching, the prize was never found – and deciphering the clues from the book’s intricate illustrations proved impossible…

Now, a decade after its initial publication, the small fortune Bertram earned has dwindled and he is living with his best friend Eli Trask (Shaun Dooley), Eli’s wife Dancia (Sally Lindsay) and their Seeker-obsessed son.

But Bertram has a plan to be back on top: he has arranged a ten-year anniversary event to relaunch his book in the hope of reigniting the search…and more importantly, book sales.

Friends and long-held fans gather in the picturesque puzzle-obsessed village of Mods Mire for the event, and when Bertram announces that he is reprinting Seeker with a new page of clues, the excitement is palpable. But the thrill comes to be abrupt halt when the interviewing journalist, Billie (Christina Bennington), drops a bombshell, she has recently received intel that Bertram was imprisoned 24 years ago for a confidence trick under his real name Robert Grimes. Is he up to his old tricks again and is Seeker just another con considering no one has found the treasure in a decade?

As the charismatic Bertram sets out to reassure fans and dispel fears, he manages to convince his friend Ludo, and his number one fan Venetia (Selena Cadell) that the treasure is still out there, only for the brightest to find. But the following day, Bertram is found brutally murdered in the woods.

Barnaby (John Dudgeon) and Winter (Nick Hendrix) are called in to investigate, left to puzzle over clues, equal of those in Seeker. Are they looking for a crazed fan or someone from Bertram’s murky past? How far would someone go to get their hands on the famed Seeker treasure?

Midsomer Murders – Friday 23 February, 2024 at 8:30pm on ABC and ABC iview

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Midsomer Murders on ABC
Midsomer Murders (image – ABC)

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