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Father Brown on ABC – When Father Brown (Mark Williams) visits an old friend Rev Duncan (Scott Hendy) in the village of Wedlock he is delighted to discover that his church warden is none other than Sam Wadey (Clifford Barry) who served with him in the trenches of World War 1.

Sam’s son, Gabriel (Paul Forman), has gone missing whilst taking a skinny dip in the local lake amidst rumours of an ancient legend involving a wild, mythical cat – the Byakko.

When the Rev Duncan is discovered dead with scratches on his neck and white fur by his body, Father Brown, Mrs Devine (Claudie Blakley) and Brenda (Ruby-May Martinwood) wonder if the cat actually exists.

Prof Garcia (Alex Waldmann) and his ex-wife Sylvie (Celine Arden) testify to having seen the beast while the eccentric Duchess (Anna Wilson-Jones) makes paintings of it.

When Sam is arrested for murder, Father Brown becomes determined to prove the innocence of the man who had once saved his life.

Production credit: BBC Studios

Father Brown on ABC and ABC iview – Saturday 11 May, 2024 at 7.30pm

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Father Brown on ABC

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