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Death in Paradise on ABC – On a beach along the coast of the island, Orla Mills and her daughter, Astrid are with family friends to scatter the ashes of Orla’s husband before returning to their villa.

As the others watch a film, Eve steps outside to make a phone call, where she says she wants to report a murder.

When Neville and the team arrive, they discover Eve lying in the pool. Naomi manages to resuscitate her but notices strangulation marks. With the pool terrace only accessible from the house, the team suspect those inside must have attacked her. But Orla, Astrid and Callum all swear they were together the whole time meaning it can’t be one of them.

The following day, Neville and Naomi discover that Orla’s husband, Jonty, had died in suspicious circumstances six months earlier. But Orla informs them, with no witnesses, Jonty’s death was believed to be an accident.

When they learn Eve was conducting her own investigation Neville and Naomi begin to wonder whether Eve was reporting that Jonty was murdered. But then there is another mysterious death…which one was Eve reporting?

Death in Paradise – Sunday 19 March, 2023 at 7:30pm on ABC and ABC iview (episode 6 of 8)

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Death in Paradise on ABC
Death in Paradise (image – BBC)

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