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Best Interests on ABC – Nicci (Sharon Horgan) and Andrew (Michael Sheen) are proud and loving parents to 13 yo Marnie (Niamh Moriarty) and 17 yo Katie (Alison Oliver) – but it hasn’t been easy.

Marnie has a rare form of Congenital Muscular Dystrophy and has been in and out of hospital her whole life. When her doctor, Samantha (Noma Dumezweni), decides it is in her best interests to withdraw care, Marnie’s parents disagree. United in their anger, they prepare to fight the doctors’ decision. However, with Marnie showing no clear signs of recovery, doubt begins to grow: are they doing the right thing?

While Andrew questions whether it might be time to say goodbye, Nicci won’t give up. With their united front cracking, she turns to a religious campaign group for help.

However, to garner support for the court case, they need Nicci to go public with the family’s story. Meanwhile, caught between her parents, Katie seeks solace in her girlfriend, Hannah (Mica Ricketts).

Nicci embarks on the media campaign, and she and Andrew are driven further apart.

The court case is a bruising affair with Samantha savaged on the stand. Hope grows amongst Nicci’s team for their chances of a surprising victory. However, Nicci must confront the damage this is doing to her family, especially when she and Andrew take their turns on the stand.

After hearing all the opinions on Marnie’s best interests, the judge’s verdict arrives. But will their fractured family survive it?

Production credit: A BBC Production.

Best Interests on ABC and ABC iview – Sunday 14 January, 2024 at 9.30pm

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