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Monday’s toughest question was about protecting kids from dangerous ideologies, asked by secondary school teacher Michelle Mitrevska.

This week on Q+A … Ahead of the federal budget we get, a debate on the federal budget we want. 

Treasurer Jim Chalmers faces global instability, rising debt, mounting welfare bills, stubborn inflation and a financially stressed electorate that could throw out the government within a year. Former Treasury boss Ken Henry warns we’re on a “knife edge” and squibbing critical economic reform. 

So, what should be in the books on Tuesday? What are the spending priorities and where’s the fat to pay for them? What would a fairer, more sustainable tax system look like? How do we seize new opportunities and rebuild the economy to deliver better services, higher productivity and future wealth? 

On the panel … A business leader turned reformist MP from Australia’s wealthiest electorate, a Senate crossbencher key to the government’s agenda, a former Liberal state treasurer and green energy champion,  a veteran economics journalist and forthright political commentator, and a Labor-aligned strategist with a warning on younger voters

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Meet the Panellists
Allegra Spender

‘Teal’ independent Allegra Spender thinks tax reform is central to the problems Australians are facing right now, saying it’s been “kicked down the road by the major parties for too long”.

David Pocock

ACT Independent Senator David Pocock is on a mission to hold Canberra to account, saying transparency on government contracts is “the bare minimum that Australians deserve and demand”.


Matt Kean

Former NSW Liberal treasurer and energy minister Matt Kean has criticised the current state government’s plan to keep Australia’s largest coal-fired power station open beyond its closure date.

Janine Perrett

Janine Perrett has covered 40-odd federal budgets and says the current global headwinds could blow fiscal repair away. On budget eve, the veteran economics reporter and forthright broadcaster joins the panel to cut through the spin.

Kos Samaras

Pollster and political strategist Kos Samaras thinks the recent government HECS debt relief, aimed at the growing chunk of “tactical voting” Millennials and Gen Z increasingly turning away from the major parties, was “sound politics”.

Q+A on ABC and ABC iviewMonday 13 May at 9.35pm AEST

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Q+A on ABC
Q+A on ABC

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