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Maggie Beer’s Big Mission

Maggie Beer’s Big Mission on ABC starts July

Maggie Beer’s Big Mission on ABC –  ABC, Screen Australia and Screenwest are pleased to announce Maggie Beer’s Big Mission, an inspirational three-part series produced by Artemis Media, will premiere on Tuesday 9 July at 8:30pm on ABC TV, with all episodes available to stream on ABC iview.

Spurred by the shocking findings revealed from the recent Aged Care Royal Commission which exposed high rates of malnutrition in older adults living in aged care, respected Australian food icon, Maggie Beer AO, leads an ambitious world first social experiment to transform the meals and dining experience at an aged care home in Perth, Western Australia.

Over four months Maggie and her team of experts reinvigorate the menu, dining rooms, gardens and the care model to bring more joy, improve nutrition and well-being, and give purpose to the residents.

The aim is to increase the overall quality of life at the home for both the residents and the staff.

Having established The Maggie Beer Foundation a decade ago, with a mission to set new standards to change the food and dining experience in the aged care sector, Maggie’s mantra is “Make every mouthful count”.

She works closely with Speech Pathologist Natalie O’Brien, Dietitian Emma Falconer, and the home’s Executive Chef, Sasanka Peiris, to introduce new recipes high in protein and full of flavour, using fresh ingredients and solid cooking techniques.

Under the guidance of Maggie’s care change consultants Occupational Therapist, Elizabeth Oliver and Registered Nurse Julie Smith, the home introduces a buffet style dining experience within beautifully renovated dining rooms. 

Elizabeth and Julie train every member of staff in a unique model of care, which has a focus on the needs and abilities of each resident, with the  goal of improving quality of life.

Gardening Australia’s Josh Byrne gets to work redesigning the shared garden spaces to make them inviting and inclusive.

His aim is to encourage residents, their families and staff to spend time outdoors.

For CEO Chris Roberts, it’s a brave endeavour to be open to such a big transformation. He’s optimistic that together with Maggie’s team, his staff will be able to deliver the new changes. If successful, he is committed to rolling the changes out to not only the rest of the home, but to the rest of the organisation as well.

This is 79-year-old Maggie‘s most ambitious project to date and the one she will be the proudest of, in the hope that it could provide a blueprint for improving aged care

“It looks fresh, it tastes fresh, every mouthful counts!”

– Maggie Beer

Production Credit: An Artemis Media production for the ABC. Major production investment from Screen Australia and the ABC in association with Screenwest and Lotterywest.  Series Director and Producer Laki Baker.  

Senior Producer Phillipa Hutchison. Executive Producer Celia Tait. ABC Commissioning Editor Julie Hanna. Head of Factual Susie Jones. International Sales: ABC Commercial.

​Maggie Beer’s Big Mission on ABC TV and ABC iview – Tuesday 9 July, 2024 at 8.30pm.

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Maggie Beer’s Big Mission on ABC

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Maggie Beer’s Big Mission on ABC

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