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Four Corners on ABC TV – This week Four Corners reveals allegations of the torture and mistreatment of people living with disabilities and mental illness who are locked up indefinitely by the state. ​

Around Australia an estimated 700 people who have been charged, but not convicted, of crimes are being detained in the forensic system. ​

In some of the most extreme cases, they’re locked up for years in solitary confinement with no release date. ​

Some have been determined too great a risk to live in the community because of their history of violence and complex behaviour. ​

The United Nations has condemned this treatment, and along with the Disability Royal Commission, has called for an end to their indefinite detention. ​

Reporter Alexandra Blucher has gained unprecedented access to forensic patients and their families. In this program she enters a facility to speak to one man who’s spent more than two decades in custody.  ​

He remains indefinitely detained. ​

The program also features another patient who’s spent 11 years secluded in a high-security unit with only a caged outdoor area, sometimes pitching a tent to obscure himself from the constant CCTV surveillance.  ​

Blucher exposes the extent of harm that can be done to patients by forcing them to live in these conditions – in some cases making them more dangerous.  ​

“Trapped” is an unflinching portrait of the forensic system and the dilemma we face in balancing the safety of the community and the basic human rights of people living with a disability. ​

Trapped reported by Alexandra Blucher goes to air on Monday 16 October at 8.30pm on ABC TV and ABC iview

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