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Four Corners on ABC – Australia is in the grip of a decade-long ice addiction, unmatched in almost any other country around the world.

​Thousands of Australian babies are born exposed to their mothers’ drug use every year.

​This week, Four Corners investigates what’s being done to tackle one of the most hidden side effects of the drug epidemic.

​Reporter Grace Tobin and documentary filmmaker Sascha Ettinger Epstein follow pregnant women struggling with addiction as they try to get help for themselves and their unborn babies and break the cycle before it’s too late.  

​What they reveal is a system largely unwilling to deal with the health crisis and little research on the horizon.

​Through intimate character development, the program sensitively delves into the complexities of the issue, breaking down the data and stigma around pregnancy and substance abuse.

Breaking the Cycle reported by Grace Tobin goes to air on Monday 14th August at 8.30pm on ABC TV and ABC iview.

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