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Foreign Correspondent on ABC TV – It’s almost a decade since ISIS militants swept through Iraq and Syria but the legacy of their brutal caliphate remains. 

While many Iraqis are reclaiming their lives in a period of relative calm, the targets of ISIS’ genocide, the Yazidis, are not at peace.  

​The world was transfixed when this religious minority fled to the mountains of Sinjar. Rescue efforts managed to airlift some to safety and others who escaped on foot and were eventually settled in countries like Australia.  But many were trapped and killed, and huge numbers of women and girls were taken as slaves.​

This week Foreign Correspondent goes in search of what happened to them. Reporter Stephanie March travels to northern Iraq and uncovers incredible stories of survival and hears brave accounts from those who have rescued hundreds of Yazidi women.

She also meets the women trafficked by ISIS who allege they were held captive by an Australian.

Foreign Correspondent – Thursday 27 July at 8.00pm on ABC TV and ABC iview.

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