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Foreign Correspondent on ABC TV – A Foreign Correspondent exclusive – secret interviews from inside Iran’s protest movement.

Almost a year since widespread protests erupted on the streets of Iran, young dissidents who continue to defy the country’s repressive regime, have participated in secretly recorded interviews with Foreign Correspondent.

The protest movement was sparked by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini who died in custody after being arrested by the morality police for wearing her hijab too loosely. 

Inspired and led by women, who took off their hijabs in solidarity with Mahsa, the protests gripped the nation for months. The regime’s response was swift and brutal: protestors were beaten, imprisoned and executed. The crowds dissipated but the mood for change did not.

For months Foreign Correspondent has been communicating via encrypted messaging apps with young Iranians who are still involved with Iran’s protest movement. Despite the risks they agreed to be interviewed to tell their personal stories, share their acts of defiance and reflect on the huge price they have paid in their fight for freedom. Each one of them wants the world to know what is happening inside Iran. In the words of one young protestor:

“This is my direct message to friends within Iran and outside of Iran who think these protests have ended. Friends, it has just started…”

Foreign Correspondent – Thursday 17 August at 8.00pm on ABC TV and ABC iview.

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