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Foreign Correspondent on ABC – The US state of Florida has become the epicentre of a nation-wide culture war and a model for the country’s right wing conservative movement.

Led by Governor Ron DeSantis, the only serious Republican rival to Donald Trump’s presidential bid, the state has become the place where “woke goes to die”.

This week on Foreign Correspondent the ABC’s Washington bureau chief Jade Macmillan travels to the sunshine state to see how this war is playing out.

The battlegrounds are schools and universities where new laws on the teaching of issues like race and gender are bitterly dividing communities.

While other US States are watching closely, and some even following suit, all eyes are now on Ron DeSantis who is expected to announce a run for the Republican presidential nomination. The question is, will the Governor’s “anti-woke” blueprint take him all the way to the White House?

Foreign Correspondent – Thursday 20 April, 2023 on ABC and ABC iview

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