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ABC Upfronts 2024 | Kangaroo Beach on ABC returns for season three

Kangaroo Beach on ABC – ABC and Screen Australia are thrilled to announce that a third series of Kangaroo Beach has been greenlit, promising more action-packed adventure from Australia’s favourite young cadets.​

Since splashing onto screens across Australia in 2020, this water safe series became a smash hit with its young audience and families, securing itself as the second most-watched ABC Kids series on ABC iview.​

After producing two seasons in NSW, Cheeky Little Media (Ginger & the Vegesaurs, Kazoops) have teamed up with WA production company, Siamese (100% Wolf) and Screenwest to co-produce the new season. Season 3 will be produced across both states, with some key cast being played by WA voices and a new location inspired by the Western Australia landscape.​

The new series will see the cadets returning for another summer stacked with fun, adventure and friendship. With two seasons of training under their belt, we’ll see the lifeguard cadets take on new challenges and responsibilities, sharing their learnings with the younger (and much cheekier) ‘Junior, Junior’ cadets.​

They’ll spend more time under the sea, scuba diving around the beautiful reef, as well as up in the mountains in a spectacular new lake location that is surrounded by gum trees and connected via a long and bendy river through the bush to Kangaroo Beach. While our cadets are well versed in surf beach safety, they’re unfamiliar with inland waterways and have loads to learn, so there will be plenty of new adventure in store.​

We’ll also meet Spyke, a young adventurous Echidna. Spyke may be a bit younger than the cadets, but her personality packs a punch! As Kangaroo Beach’s freshest cadet-recruit, she’s got a lot to learn about water safety — if she’ll listen. She’s also got lots of bush knowledge to share with her new friends.​​

Libbie Doherty, Head of ABC Children & Family said:

“The Kangaroo Beach cadets welcome Spyke the echidna into the team, who will stretch their boundaries with her daredevil antics. Summer is always full throttle on Kangaroo Beach and this season won’t disappoint. Thank you to Cheeky Little Media and Tim Bain for this quintessential Australian series. We’re also welcoming on board Siamese, bringing their animation expertise from WA. We are also grateful to our brilliant financing partners the ACTF, Screen Australia, Screen West and Create NSW for supporting this 100% Australian production.”​

Christopher Sharp, Screen Australia Head of Scripted said:

“We are thrilled to support the third season of Kangaroo Beach, a series that has captured the hearts of kids nationwide. With its fun, action-packed and educational storylines, Kangaroo Beach is testament to the creativity and talent within the Australian children’s television industry.”​

Rikki Lea Bestall, Screenwest CEO said:

“It’s wonderful to see such a beloved children’s series hop over to Western Australia! Kangaroo Beach is set to create a slew of opportunities for talented local practitioners working across a range of different departments including storyboarding, animation and post-sound; and we can’t wait to see our diverse landscapes reflected in this season’s animated world.”​

Celine Goetz, Producer, Cheeky Little Media said:

“We can’t wait to dive into production on Season three. There is so much for the audience to get excited about with this new series, a stunning new lake location, a plucky new cadet in training and of course, all of the ingredients that we know our fans love – action, comedy and tonnes of heart.”​

Production Credit: Kangaroo Beach Series 3 is a Cheeky Little Media production for the ABC, produced in association with Siamese. Major production investment from the ABC in association with Screen Australia and the Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF). Financed with support from Screenwest and Lotterywest and Surf Life Saving Australia.

International sales by the Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF) and Infinite Frameworks. Post, digital and visual effects supported by Screen NSW. Developed with assistance of the ABC. Cheeky Little Commercial continues as the global brand manager.

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Kangaroo Beach on ABC

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Kangaroo Beach on ABC
Kangaroo Beach on ABC

Kangaroo Beach on ABC

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