9Now announces a range of new advertising products for brands

9Now announces a range of new advertising products for brands

9Now announces a range of new advertising products for brands – Nine’s continued investment in data, content and technology as we head towards our Olympics decade will ensure 9Now is the ultimate platform for brands to reach and influence Australian audiences. 

2023 was the inflection point where the power of traditional television and the precision of digital worked together to cater to every aspect of the marketing funnel.  

9Now announces a range of new advertising products for brands

Leveraging the simplicity of broadcast television with cutting edge technology, the multi-year program of improvement and innovation is a boon for advertisers. It will feature continued investment in the roll out of new game-changing advertising products.

Interactive ads are planned across 9Now, providing a way for brands to create deeper engagement through immersive experiences and create shoppable moments.

When the 9Now homepage is transformed across connected TVs in October it will be accompanied by new TV show and genre sponsorship integrations. Nine will integrate brands into the new experience with logo placements on the new homepage when the viewer hovers over the content tile for that show. Sponsors of a content genre will similarly be able to integrate into the experience, enabling brands to tap into audience interests and create a halo effect by aligning with particular content themes.

The start-over functionality introduced on 9Now this year allows viewers to go back to the start of a show when they turn on the live stream. With this feature, viewers never miss the beginning of their favourite show again. In 2024 Nine will create the opportunity for brands to tap into the utility of this functionality. Nine will start delivering high impact solus brand messages with 15 and 30 second ads injected into the start-over of the live stream from early next year.

In addition to interactive ads, brand integrations into the 9Now home screen experience and advertising solutions in the start-over feature, new FAST channels coming to 9Now will provide a different content experience that unlocks new audiences and incremental reach for brands, combined with lower ad loads.

Nick Young, Nine’s Commercial Director – Digital, said:

“The combination of highly engaged audiences at scale with the best in-market digital and data capability is what sets 9Now apart. 9Now is unique in its ability to provide advertisers with huge reach of streaming TV audiences combined with impactful and effective advertising solutions that cater for every stage of the marketing funnel.” 

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