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7NEWS Spotlight on Seven – 7NEWS Spotlight: How not to catch a killer. Agony for Daniel Morcombe’s family as new evidence exposes his botched search.

He was Australia’s little boy lost for eight agonisingly long years, abducted as he waited to catch a bus and go Christmas shopping for his loving family.

Daniel Morcombe’s 2003 disappearance gripped the nation, while his devastated parents Bruce and Denise inspired us all with their stoicism and national child safety campaign.

So, when convicted paedophile Brett Peter Cowan confessed to kidnapping and killing the innocent teen, his lifetime jail sentence felt like the sad end to a heartbreaking tale.

Now, in a 7NEWS Spotlight major new investigation to air 8.30pm this Sunday on Channel 7 and 7plus, fresh evidence about the botched police search to find Daniel is set to shatter hearts all over again.

In the latest blow to confidence in the Queensland Police Force, a former officer steps forward to blow the lid off the bungling of Daniel’s missing persons case.

Speaking for the first time, the whistleblower was one of two young officers who fingered Cowan for the crime from the start, taking a detailed report to detectives just two weeks after Daniel was snatched from a Sunshine Coast highway.

What happened next will outrage anyone who kept vigil for Daniel for nearly a decade.

Also, get to know Australian comedy’s bad boy, Jim Jefferies, who has won over the country as host of Seven’s top-rating quiz show, The 1% Club.

7NEWS Spotlight’s Liam Bartlett sits down with the rogue funny man, who is taking on cancel culture and introduces us to the woman who has managed to tame the wild one.

For royal watchers, The Markles continue their attack on rogue sister Meghan, sharing more intimate revelations from her first marriage.

7NEWS Spotlight -Sunday 7 May, 2023 at 8.30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus

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