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7NEWS Spotlight on Channel 7 – 7NEWS Spotlight: The Baby Nurse Killer. How could such a pretty, innocent-looking neonatal nurse be so evil?

Lucy Letby was a serial killer hiding in plain sight.

Her victims? Vulnerable newborn babies whom she was entrusted to protect and care for.

This week Letby, 33, was given a life sentence after being convicted of killing seven babies and attempting to murder six others while working in the neonatal unit of a hospital in north-east England, making her one of the world’s worst child serial killers.

And while her nine-month trial revealed how she killed them; it didn’t uncover why or how she got away with her killing spree for so long.

In a major 7NEWS Spotlight investigation to air on Sunday at 8.45pm on Channel 7 and 7plus, Letby’s malevolence is laid bare as award-winning investigative journalist Michael Usher explores the psychology behind her twisted desire to take the lives of defenceless babies.

And perhaps in the biggest twist of all, did Letby kill for love? Usher investigates the bizarre love triangle that may have driven her to kill to gain the attention of the married doctor she obsessed over.

The most chilling 7NEWS Spotlight edition of the year uncovers gripping new evidence, fresh witness testimony and details of her shocking secret confession.  

In a world exclusive, Usher also speaks to the parents of one of Letby’s first intended victims as they sit down for their first full-length interview to recount the moment they caught the baby killer standing over their little girl in her hospital crib.

Michael and Victoria Whitfeld say they caught the disgraced nurse hovering over their daughter, Felicity, moments before she was diagnosed with a collapsed lung, but their concerns about Letby’s behaviour were tragically ignored.

“I felt like I had my heart ripped out that morning,” Ms Whitfeld tells 7NEWS Spotlight’s Michael Usher. “She was doing fine, and it was just the suddenness of everything that happened… I just remember saying, ‘Come on, you’re going to pull through this’.”

The Whitfields are now demanding a thorough investigation into Letby’s interactions with more than 4000 babies who passed through her care during her time as a nurse.

7NEWS Spotlight: The Baby Nurse Killer 8.45pm this Sunday on Channel 7 and 7plus

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