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7NEWS Spotlight on Channel 7 – 7NEWS Spotlight: Social Scammers. Unmasking Australia’s billion-dollar scam epidemic

It’s the skyrocketing crime costing innocent Australians more than $3 billion.

In an explosive expose airing this Sunday at 8.45pm on Channel 7 and 7plus, 7NEWS Spotlight lifts the lid on the multi-billion-dollar scam industry using fake advertisements featuring well-known celebrities to con more than 600,000 Aussies. The scams promise financial freedom but instead leave devastation and ruin in their wake.

Acclaimed 7NEWS Spotlight reporter Liam Bartlett gains unprecedented access to the Philippines headquarters of these cyber criminals.

With the help of an insider, he turns the tables on the scammers, revealing the inner workings of a criminal enterprise that has devastated countless lives.

Away from the bustling city of Cebu, 7NEWS Spotlight reporter Sarah Greenhalgh travels to Adelaide and the Gold Coast to hear the stories of everyday Aussies who have fallen victim to these schemes.

She meets Allison who was scammed out of almost $250,000 after being lured by fake advertisements featuring famous faces, while Johanna shares her experience of being drawn in by promises of rich returns.

“These innocent, hardworking women lost everything,”

Sarah said.

“The scammers successfully preyed on their unique vulnerabilities and the victims’ lives have changed forever as a result.”

Liam adds:

“Everyone from the ACCC to the richest man in Australia has been trying to shut these crooks down without success, so we’ve gone to the source of the problem, the place where these scammers live and work to try to disable their wicked game.”

Watch as 7NEWS Spotlight brings you the moment an Australian victim meets her scammer, leading to an unforgettable confrontation.

Plus, don’t miss 7NEWS Spotlight’s exclusive interview with former Prime Minister Scott Morrison as he opens up about balancing his faith at the highest level of politics and dealing with debilitating anxiety while in the top job.

7NEWS Spotlight on Channel 7 and 7plusSocial Scammers – Sunday 5 May, 2024 at 8.45pm

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7NEWS Spotlight on Channel 7 - 7NEWS Spotlight: Social Scammers. Unmasking Australia's billion-dollar scam epidemic
7NEWS Spotlight on Channel 7

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