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For all the wrong reasons, everyone knows of Belle Gibson. A decade ago, she claimed that she’d beaten terminal brain cancer by rejecting conventional treatment in favour of natural remedies. Her cure made her a hero of the wellness industry.

And not only did she love the worldwide attention her inspirational story attracted, she profited from it to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. But this medical miracle was all a lie, a twisted invention of the charlatan’s mind.

Today, the pain inflicted by Belle Gibson’s deception still hurts her many victims, including her big brother Nick Gibson. In an emotional interview with Dimity Clancey, he describes how his life has been destroyed by his heartless sister.

Reporter: Dimity Clancey

Producer: Sheree Gibson


It might sound strange, but the crime capital of Australia is currently Dubai. That’s because this glitzy mega city in the Persian Gulf has become home to nearly all of our biggest organised crime bosses.

Their thinking in moving offshore is that they’re out of reach of federal and state policing authorities, but if they watch 60 MINUTES this Sunday, they might want to think again.

As Nick McKenzie reports, an enormous leak of Dubai property records has revealed not only their residential addresses, but also how the city has become the perfect destination for crooks, and suspected criminals, from all around the world to do their dirty business.

Reporter: Nick McKenzie

Producer: Amelia Ballinger


It’s almost unimaginable. Last November, a 12-year-old girl in Victoria was charged with murder after allegedly stabbing a 37-year-old woman to death.

On Thursday the charges were dropped though, because being so young, it was determined the girl didn’t have the mental capacity to be held criminally responsible for her actions. However, what’s important to know about this case is that at the time, she was the responsibility of the state.

The girl was living in what’s called residential care; homes that are supposedly supervised, safe places for vulnerable children. But they’re not.

On assignment for 60 MINUTES, Nine’s Christine Ahern meets a very brave young woman who wants Australia to know what’s really happening in residential care homes.

This now 20-year-old says she suffered enormously and is demanding immediate changes to the system.

Reporter: Christine Ahern

Producer: Laura Sparkes

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