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The Road to Patagonia – Garage is proud to announce the upcoming release of the celebrated film, THE ROAD TO PATAGONIA, slated to hit Australian cinemas on May 2, 2024.

Garnering multiple accolades including the prestigious Audience Choice Award at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival and Florida Surf Film Festival, THE ROAD TO PATAGONIA is a stunning, intimate and unflinching series of love letters within a documentary – firstly a love between two people, and secondly between humanity and the Earth.

Directed by filmmaker Matty Hannon, the film follows Hannon on an incredible solo adventure, to surf the west coast of the Americas by motorbike, from the top of Alaska to the tip of Patagonia. But deep in the wilderness – alone with the wolves and the bears – the journeyer’s plans unexpectedly fall to pieces.

After losing everything, and on the cusp of quitting he meets the girl of his dreams, a permaculture farmer named Heather Hillier who throws caution to the wind and sells her urban-farm to buy a bike of her own.

Together riding south, the duo meet with Zapatista rebels, Amazonian shamans and Mapuche leaders whose salient words crack the adventurers’ cultural veneer, leaving them with existential questions.

The 50,000km surfing odyssey becomes beautifully complicated by their decision to downshift from motorcycles to horseback, presenting a relational approach to the breathtaking landscapes and a host of challenges that ultimately become extremely rewarding. Hannon and Hillier succeed in beautifully capturing deeply human moments during the world-first expedition, and the noticeable lack of camera-crew becomes the film’s strength.

Shot over 16 years, the result is an adventurous exposé on the more-than-human world, offering a physical and spiritual odyssey to better understand our place in Nature.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the heartfelt journey of THE ROAD TO PATAGONIA when it arrives in cinemas.


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