Picasso: A Rebel in Paris
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Picasso: A Rebel in Paris – Set against the backdrop of the Musée Picasso in Paris, PICASSO: A Rebel in Paris explores Picasso’s evolution through his art and spirit in a city full of contradictions. An original portrait of a young immigrant destined to become a 20th-century icon.

Exploring Picasso’s life in Paris is Mina Kavani, the Iranian actress who starred in No Bears by Jafar Panahi, a dissident director who won the Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival in 2022.

Like Picasso, who could not and did not want to return to Spain during Francoism, Kavani now lives the painful existence of an expatriate, driven to leave Iran due to censorship.

PICASSO: A REBEL IN PARIS paints an original portrait of the artist, outlining the contradictory nature of his character – both generous and despotic, often hidden behind a mask – and the duplicity of his behaviour, especially with the many women in his life.

His difficult character has sparked off a thorny debate in the art world: can you separate the art from the artist?

The film features excerpts from the letters kept at the Picasso Museum and interviews with art critics, curators, intellectuals, and artists who explore Picasso’s mind and legacy as one of the great geniuses of the 20th century.

Talking heads include Cécile Debray, President of the Musée National Picasso in Paris, Annie Cohen-Solal, author of the book “Un étranger nommé Picasso” (Picasso The Foreigner), as well as art historians Marie-Laure Bernadac and Eugenio Carmona Mato, stylist and designer Paul Smith, Head of the Picasso Studies Centre in Paris Cécile Godefroy, French historian François Hartog and artists Obiageli Okigbo and Guillermo Kuitca.

Picasso: A Rebel in Paris – in select cinemas – 22 June, 2024

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Picasso: A Rebel in Paris

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