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Police Rescue Australia on Channel 9
Police Rescue Australia (image - Nine)

Tonight | Police Rescue Australia on Channel 9 and 9Now

Police Rescue Australia on Channel 9 – In this episode, specialist Police Rescue bomb technicians travel to a secret location in country NSW to detonate surrendered explosives used in the mining industry.

Soon after, they’re called to an inner-Sydney business precinct after reports of dangerously contaminated chemicals.

Police Rescue’s bomb experts must come up with a plan to neutralise the potentially explosive threat without putting nearby workers at risk.

In the Blue Mountains, a group of canyoners has failed to return to their camp at Mt Wilson.

Police Rescue hold fears for the group who are inexperienced and ill-equipped. Having already spent one night in the bush, can Police Rescue locate them before night falls again.

Police Rescue Australia – Monday 12 June, 2023 at 9.10pm on Channel 9 and 9Now

About the Show

Follow the extraordinary real-life drama as a group of elite officers risk their lives to save yours in the powerful new series Police Rescue Australia.

For the first time ever, the NSW Police Rescue and Bomb Disposal Unit open their doors for an all-access look.

Meet some of the best trained and hardest working rescuers in the world, and see the high-risk, often traumatic incidents they regularly find themselves in.

Narrated by multi-award-winning Australian actor, writer and director, Brendan Cowell (Avatar: Way of the Water, Game of Thrones, Love My Way), Police Rescue Australia follows the Police Rescue units in the Sydney and Blue Mountains areas of New South Wales. 

These dedicated men and women are bound by their mission of saving the lives of those in danger, and a deep and abiding sense of loyalty – not only to the Police Force but to each other.

From cliff and mountain helicopter rescues to missing person searches in the stunning Blue Mountains, sieges, bomb disposals, and abseiling down the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Police Rescue Australia gives viewers an up-close, emotional and action-packed look as the squad routinely risk their own lives working to save others.

We get to know the character of these officers who are superbly trained in the use of specialist emergency equipment for the most challenging rescue tasks, as they share the humour and camaraderie that unites them in dealing with the daily dramas of rescue work on the frontline – and prove time and again that there’s always a way to save a life.

Police Rescue Australia is a 9Network series, produced by Lune Media with the cooperation of NSW Police.

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Police Rescue Australia on Channel 9

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