Omnivore on Apple TV+ trailer
Omnivore (image - Apple TV+)

Omnivore on Apple TV+ trailer

Omnivore on Apple TV+ trailer – Today, Apple TV+ debuted the trailer for the highly anticipated new documentary series, “Omnivore,” set to premiere on Friday, 19 July.

Created and narrated by René Redzepi, the esteemed chef and co-owner of world-renowned restaurant Noma, “Omnivore” takes viewers on an immersive journey into the world of food, exploring the profound beauty and intricate complexities of the human experience through the lens of the key ingredients that connect us all.  

Each episode of “Omnivore” celebrates the cultivation, transformation, and consumption of eight of the world’s most essential ingredients, including banana, chile, coffee, corn, pork, rice, salt, and tuna, revealing how they serve as the cornerstones of global cultural heritage.

Redzepi and Emmy Award-winning executive producer Matt Goulding (“Anthony Bourdain: Explore Parts Unknown”) guide audiences on a globe-spanning odyssey, unveiling intricate stories behind these ingredients that have shaped societies, cultures, beliefs, and the course of human history. 

The series takes viewers to destinations around the world, including Bali, Colombia, Denmark, Djibouti, France, India, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Spain, and Thailand, as well as locations throughout the United States. In each episode, Redzepi and the series contributors offer an intimate exploration of culinary traditions, showcasing local efforts to honour, conserve and protect the Earth’s offerings.

Each episode is helmed by a different director to guide the ingredient’s journey, including Isabel Coixet, Drea Cooper, Nicola B. Marsh, Sami Khan, Collin Orcutt, David Charles Rodrigues, Rintu Thomas, and Mateo Willis.

“Omnivore” is produced for Apple TV+ by FIFTH SEASON and Film45 with executive producers Redzepi, Goulding, Australian Ben Liebmann, Chris Rice, Michael Antinoro, Max Wagner, Collin Orcutt and Mateo Willis. Cary Joji Fukunaga developed “Omnivore” for television.

Omnivore on Apple TV+ – Friday 19 July, 2024

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Omnivore on Apple TV+ trailer

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