Voice for Victims on Channel 9 Queensland
Voice for Victims - Andrew Lofthouse and Melissa Downes (image - Nine)

Tonight | Voice for Victims on Channel 9 Queensland and 9Now

Voice for Victims on Channel 9 Queensland – 9News Queensland is giving a voice to the thousands of Queensland victims who have been left traumatised by the state’s shocking youth crime epidemic with a special presentation, Voice for Victims, this Thursday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

Presented by Queensland’s longest serving co-presenters, Andrew Lofthouse and Melissa Downes, Voice for Victims will shed light on the heartbreak endured by so many in our community and hear from victims who bravely tell their deeply personal, devastating and previously untold stories.

Viewers will hear from the human faces of this unfolding and unrelenting tragedy: Rowena and John Leadbetter, who lost their daughter Kate, her partner Matthew and their unborn son Miles at the hands of a teenage drunk driver, during an afternoon walk; Lee Lovell, whose wife and devoted mother to their two daughters, Emma, was tragically killed on the front lawn of her North Lakes home; Wallaby legend Toutai Kefu, whose Coorparoo family fell victim to a teenage attack in 2021; and Graeme and Annette Kimball, whose son Ryan was killed in a youth crime-related 180km car crash.

This special presentation also sits down with some of Queensland’s best crime fighting minds and those directly affected to seek real and workable solutions to ease the current scourge.

Queenslanders like Ben Cannon, the courageous neighbour of the Kefu family who intervened on that fateful night and now stands as the reluctant face of the remarkable Voice for Victims movement. Now, Cannon is joined by thousands of fellow Queenslanders who are united in a quest for the Sunshine State to return to being a safe state and determined to prevent more youth crime-related incidents from impacting other families.  

Melissa Downes said:

“Queenslanders have always demonstrated remarkable resilience, but the ongoing youth crime crisis has pushed us to breaking point. Queenslanders deserve to feel the safety in their homes and neighbourhoods that they once enjoyed, and we’re committed to helping restore that security.

9News Queensland stands with victims and joins Queenslanders who refuse to let fear rule their lives any longer.” 

Andrew Lofthouse said:

“Every night we confront the devastating reality of youth crime in our bulletins, from home intrusions to car thefts and senseless acts of violence. Voice for Victims gives a voice to those who’ve suffered in silence for far too long.

“We’re here to amplify their stories, and in doing so, we hope to initiate a long-overdue conversation. It’s high time for real change.”

Voice for Victims, a 9News Queensland special presentation, goes to air this Thursday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.


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Voice for Victims on Channel 9 Queensland

Voice for Victims on Channel 9 Queensland
Voice for Victims on Channel 9 Queensland

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