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Tonight | Grand Designs UK on ABC and ABC iview S21E8

Grand Designs UK on ABC and ABC iview S21E8 – Three and a half years ago, Olaf, a master carpenter, and his partner Fritha set out to create an oasis on a tricky slice of land in West Sussex, boxed in by a mainline railway and a busy A road.

To add to this, half of the plot couldn’t be built on due to an underground mains sewer. All they were left with was a very small triangle on which to build their future life together.

With just one hundred and ninety thousand pounds in the bank, Olaf and Fritha had to use all the ingenuity they could muster to make their triangular 3-bedroom house come to life.

Sturdy retaining walls and foundations to combat traffic vibrations cost more than they’d hoped. The bewildering angles needed to create the sharp pointed hand-built timber frame stretched Olaf to his limits.

As super thick sound proofing walls were installed, and Olaf had his double decker bus future workshop delivered, the budget reached breaking point. At the same time Fritha and Olaf were going through IVF. It turned into one of the most stressful and pivotal moments of their lives.

Over two years since his last visit, presenter Kevin McCloud returns to see how life has been in their triangular house for Olaf, Fritha and young daughter Lagertha.

Production credit: FremantleMedia Ltd/Naked West. Written and Presented by Kevin McCloud.

Grand Designs UK on ABC and ABC iview – Thursday 11 July at 8.00pm (Season Final)

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Grand Designs UK on ABC and ABC iview S21E8

Grand Designs UK on ABC and ABC iview S21E8

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