David Attenborough's Planet Earth III on Channel 9
Planet Earth III (image - BBC)

Tonight | David Attenborough’s Planet Earth III on Channel 9 and 9Now

David Attenborough’s Planet Earth III on Channel 9 – David Attenborough explores Earth’s greatest wilderness: deserts and grasslands.

Covering over half of our planet, and home to the stars of the natural world, extraordinary life survives there in unexpected ways. It’s where nature puts on its most dramatic show.

David Attenborough’s Planet Earth III on Channel 9 and 9Now -SUNDAY, DECEMBER 3, AT 8.10PM AEST

About the Show

The remarkable final series of the Planet Earth trilogy, Planet Earth III, will explore the last of the world’s most magnificent habitats and their amazing animals when it premieres Sunday, November 26, at 8.00pm AEST on Channel 9 and 9Now.

Presented and narrated by the legendary naturalist Sir David Attenborough, this outstanding documentary series celebrates the wonders of our sublime world from the deepest oceans to the remotest jungles. 

Planet Earth III is a stunning eight-part masterpiece, brimming with beauty and insight, that tells extraordinary stories of survival and adaptation that are at times heartbreaking but always full of hope. 

Going beyond our imaginations, Planet Earth III journeys to the far reaches of our planet to uncover the Earth’s remaining pristine wild places and the staggering strategies animals have developed to exist there. 

Filmed over the course of nearly five years, the new series uses pioneering filmmaking technology to reveal the greatest wonders of life on Earth. 

From phenomenal forests to freshwater habitats, grasslands to deserts, each episode will concentrate on an exceptional and distinct new environment and reveal the fresh challenges facing wildlife in our contemporary, crowded world.  

On location near Down House, Charles Darwin’s family home in Kent in England, Sir David said:

“In this new series of Planet Earth we travel to the most astonishing wild places, see mysterious creatures, witness rare, spectacular wonders, and reveal breathtaking animal dramas. 

“The natural world continues to surprise us, but since Darwin’s time it has changed beyond recognition, being transformed by a powerful force – us. We will see how animals are adapting in extraordinary ways to survive the new challenges they face. At this crucial time in our history, we must now look at the world through a new lens.” 

Planet Earth III is a BBC Studios Natural History Unit production, co-produced with BBC America, ZDF and France Télévisions for BBC. 

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David Attenborough’s Planet Earth III on Channel 9

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David Attenborough's Planet Earth III on Channel 9

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