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After the Party on ABC – Penny (Robyn Malcolm) attempts to apologise to Grace (Tara Canton) and Phil (Peter Mullan) but learns they are moving to Scotland.

When Ollie (Ian Blackburn) goes missing, she asks Tom (Elz Carrad) to look but doesn’t realise what this really means for Tom.

Penny makes a new discovery and finally sees what was under her nose the whole time.

At her farewell party for Grace, Penny’s relationship with her daughter finally begins to heal, but only because Penny’s suppressing what she now knows is the truth. She tries to get

After The Party on ABC and ABC iview – Sunday 2 June at 8:30pm on ABC TV with all episodes available to stream on ABC iview.

About the Show

The ABC is thrilled to announce the Australian premiere of one of New Zealand’s boldest dramas, After The Party, to air weekly on ABC TV, with all episodes available to stream on ABC iview from Sunday 28 April.

New Zealand’s best TV drama in years… A career peak for Robyn Malcolm… boiling, relentless and dangerous.”

The Spinoff, NZ

Produced by Lingo Pictures and Luminous Beast on location in Wellington NZ, After The Party is a thrilling 6-part series starring Robyn Malcolm (Upper Middle Bogan, Harrow, Top of the Lake) and Peter Mullan (Ozark, Top of the Lake). Last week, Robyn Malcolm won Best Actress in Series Mania’s International Panorama in Lille, France for her role as Penny.

Penny’s world implodes when she accuses her husband Phil (Peter Mullan) of a sex crime against her daughter’s teenage friend and nobody believes her.

Five years later, he returns from Scotland and moves in with Penny’s daughter Grace (Tara Canton) and grandchild. Grace begs her to put the past behind them, but when Phil takes up a teaching position Penny is again compelled to prove his guilt, reopening barely covered wounds in those around her and causing Grace to cut her out of her life. An increasingly alienated Penny is forced to choose what’s more important – the truth or her relationship with her daughter.

Production Credit:  A Lingo Pictures and Luminous Beast production.  Produced by Helen Bowden, Liz DiFiore and Peter Salmon.  Executive Producers Jason Stephens, Dianne Taylor and Robyn Malcolm.

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After the Party on ABC

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After the Party on ABC

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