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Ryan Johnson - The Claremont Murders (image - David Dare Parker).

Tonight | The Claremont Murders on Channel 7

The Claremont Murders on Channel 7 – How the Claremont killer was caught. Don’t miss the gripping conclusion to The Claremont Murders this Monday on Seven and 7plus

Sarah. Jane. Ciara. Three young women who went out one night and never came home, setting off the biggest unsolved murder case in West Australian history.

The gripping story of how the Claremont killer was caught is revealed in part two of The Claremont Murders, 9.00pm this Monday on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Almost a decade after Taskforce Macro was disbanded, a new generation of detectives has quietly re-opened the case with renewed focus: no more “convenient suspect”, just follow the evidence. This time they are going to get their man.

Thanks to advances in technology, the police find the killer’s DNA on a never-before-tested scrap of fingernail. They discover the Claremont serial killer has struck before, but this time his victims lived to tell the tale. Now they just have to find him.

When the police finally arrest Bradley Robert Edwards (Ryan Johnson, How To Please A Woman, Doctor Doctor), no one can believe it. The man responsible for these horrific crimes is a loving husband and stepfather, a knockabout suburban tradie. Now he is on trial for three murders, in the longest and most expensive trial in WA history.

The Claremont Murders also stars Catherine Văn-Davies (The Twelve, Barons), Aaron Glenane (Shantaram, Snowpiercer), Laura Gordon (Undertow, Late Night With The Devil), Andrea Demetriades (Pulse, Janet King), Craig Hall (Boy directed by Taika Waititi, and Peter Jackson’s King Kong), Jeremy Lindsay Taylor (Underbelly Razor, Puberty Blues), Tasma Walton (Mystery Road, How To Please A Woman), Joel Jackson (Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door, Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries), Tom O’Sullivan (Molly, Alien: Covenant), Erik Thomson (How To Please A Woman, Aftertaste), and actor, radio host and author Kate Ritchie (Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities, Home and Away).

From the creative team behind Catching Milat, The Claremont Murders was written by Justin Monjo (Bali 2002, Catching Milat) and Michaeley O’Brien (Mystery Road, Underbelly), directed by Peter Andrikidis (Bali 2002, Catching Milat), produced by Kerrie Mainwaring (Bali 2002, Catching Milat), Peter Andrikidis and Jamie Hilton (Breath, Swinging Safari).

The Claremont Murders is a Screentime Production in association with See Pictures for the Seven Network, with Banijay Rights handling international sales.

The Claremont Murders – Concludes 9.00pm Monday 17 April, 2023 on Channel 7 and 7plus

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