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Mum Leanne, daughter Zali and Stepdad Adam, are looking to mend their broken hearts after mourning the loss of their beautiful Australian Shepherd, Ruby.

With a love of working breeds, they are eager to meet 2-year-old Husky-cross Elly. From the start Adam is smitten, but Zali is less keen. Will Zali be convinced that Elly is the right match for them, or is Ruby a dog that can never be replaced? 

Partners Annika and Evie are on the hunt for their first dog together. On the cusp of turning professional, Annika suffered a life changing concussion, which tragically cut short her soccer career. This dog will be a chance to give her a new focus in a new home. So, when Annika is matched with the beautiful Kelpie-cross Bunji, hopes run high.  After a troubled background, Bunji is not the easiest dog to handle. Will Bunji prove to be too much for these first-time dog owners? 

Dog lovers Dave and Shelley are childhood sweethearts and have been married for over 30 years. After Shelley was diagnosed with breast cancer, and received extensive treatment, they moved to the coast for a new start. A dog will be the perfect addition to their family home. So, when they meet Jack Russell Raff, husband Dave is delighted. However, Raff’s hair shedding causes concern for Shelley. Will Dave be able to talk her round, and give Raff the fairy-tale ending he deserves?  

The Dog House Australia – 8 March, 2023 on 10 and 10 Play

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