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NCIS: Los Angeles on 10 – When a mystery woman attacks the founder of an AI company with a number of DOJ contracts in a local hotel, the NCIS team must identify the woman before the next major global conflict ensues and determine why the LA based victim was in a hotel in the first place.

Also, Kilbride’s ex wife, Elizabeth comes to visit him in Los Angeles and asks him to think about reconnecting with their son, after the two have been estranged for some time after a falling out.

Then on episode 14 at 9.00pm

When a petty officer is found dead with an apparent suicide note on board the Allegiance, the third in three months, the NCIS team must investigate the mystery surrounding the deaths.

Was this suicide or something more sinister?

Also, a very unprepared Callen and Anna begin wedding planning and Sam has a heart to heart with his daughter Kam.

Then on episode 15 at 10.00pm

A dishevelled Detective Ellen Whiting turns up on Deeks ‘ doorstep, she is in trouble and is calling on the many favours he owes her.

Seems she has gotten herself mixed up with dirty cops and the fentanyl drug trade.

Knowing she is a good cop, Deeks gets the team involved and the case leads to a dangerous drug gang’s side hustle, a fight club. Sam, a great
boxer, goes undercover in the ring to infiltrate the gang and catch the leader.

NCIS: Los Angeles – Saturday 15 July, 2023 at 8.00pm on 10 and 10 Play

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NCIS: Los Angeles on 10
NCIS: Los Angeles (image – Paramount)

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