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Hunted on 10 – With thirteen days till extraction, tension, stress and paranoia begins to arise for the remaining Fugitives as they continue to evade the Hunters.

Six pairs of fugitives remain and its game on for the Hunters.

After several near misses, luck is running out for one team, and the pressure of being on the run is finally hitting home for another pair.

Following, the extensive search of CCTV footage from the blast on day one, Hunters are given new intel to a pair of low profile Fugitives

Hunted – Tuesday 25 July 2023 at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play

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Australia’s Most Wanted Fugitives. Hunted Premieres Monday, 17 July At 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.   

In one week, 20 Fugitives will be released on to the streets of Melbourne and, if the Hunters get their way, captured.

The heart stopping #1 new show of 2022, Hunted, returns with a brand-new season, on Monday, 17 July at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play.

Featuring 10 diverse pairs of ordinary Australians who transform into Fugitives and with limited funds and resources, they must think of clever to remain undetected whilst on the run, constantly looking over their shoulders, weighing up the risk and return of every move. 

The Fugitives must remain undetected for 21 days from the team of expert Hunters, made up of some of the world’s best investigators formerly of the Australian Federal Police, Australian Defence Force and British Intelligence, alongside skilled cyber analysts and intel experts. They must be ruthless in their conclusions, masterful in their tactics and relentless in their captures. 

But with $100,000 up for grabs, these Fugitives will stop at nothing to evade capture.

With one week to go until Hunted begins, it’s time to meet the Fugitives.  

Hunted on 10

Bayan, 43, WA

Eesha, 32, WA

Bayan is forthright and a self proclaimed ‘genius’ – he is a man who is cool, calm, and always collected. His current career is as an Engineer, but he’s also been in the Army for seven years. Eesha is candid and driven working as a medium and spiritual/motivational coach. Although Eesha is not as physically strong as Bayan, she would consider shaving her head to keep the Hunters off her scent. With strong connections in the Middle Eastern network and the ability to utilise Bayan’s intelligence knowledge from his previous army/security life, they plan to recreate misinformation campaigns with decoys and fake clues being deployed along the way. 

Hunted on 10

Ben, 26, VIC

Callum, 27, VIC

Self-confessed geeks, they are well equipped to not get sick of each other as spending all day, every day together will not phase these two inseparable buddies! Using Ben’s IT knowledge, his aim is to expose data loopholes the Hunters are searching on them and with Callum’s blackbelt in Taekwondo, he will apply his mental and physical strength and skillset to the run. As Melbourne locals, they plan to utilise their vast network of family and friends, including their online ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ support crew to assist them in travelling through rural Victoria with their plans to camp and stay off the grid wherever possible.

Byron, 37, SA / VIC

Tanase, 36, SA / VIC

These self-proclaimed ‘city slickers’, Byron and Tanase are siblings who moved to Melbourne together 15 years ago, from South Australia. Tanase can tend to be impulsive and outspoken at times, Byron is strategic, calculated and even tempered in most situations. Whilst on the run, they will call on their support group of West African communities and Byron’s queer allies. Though not having camped before, the pair plan to embrace nature and head to the bush, with the sole aim of confusing the Hunters from the get-go. 

Hunted on 10

Cath, 54, VIC

Kel, 59, VIC

Cath and Kel, both high-school sexuality educators, have known each other for 30 years and are a joy-filled best friend duo with infectious and loveable personalities. Their strategy whilst on the run is not to run!  As the oldest competitors, they know their physical limitations and will rely on their life experience and maximising their social smarts. They plan on tackling this game in style; there will be no slumming it for these ladies, who both love a nice glass of Chardy at the end of a day, a habit they have no plans to retire whilst on the run!

Hunted on 10

Ed, 29, NSW

Jimi, 31, NSW

Former radio colleagues turned friends, at first meeting, they didn’t get on and clashed over who was the most flamboyant! Ed being the classic ‘Libran’, is extremely manipulative but uses his skill and charm for good not evil, whereas Jimi is determined, vivacious and a great storyteller. They plan to use their appeal and friendliness to rely on the kindness of strangers, to ask everyday Australians for help – with everything from directions, a place to stay and decoys! Both friends are flamboyant, funny and full of energy, having spent much of their lives trying to stand out, will they struggle to blend in!?

Hunted on 10

Glenn, 50, QLD

Taylah, 24, QLD

Glenn is a boxing coach and Taylah his student, but their relationship is much more. Taylah is currently ranked the #1 Australian female boxer in the super fly weight division. As a former soldier, in the Australian Army, Glenn has over 17 years military experience, having been deployed in combat zones all over the world. He is Taylah’s boxing coach and a professional mentor. As an ex-soldier, Glenn has lived the Hunters’ lifestyle, which may deem him one of their biggest threats.

Hunted on 10

Holly, 23, VIC

Josh, 25, VIC

Holly and Josh are the ultimate competitive loved-up couple. Josh is a paramedic and rifleman in the Australian Army Reserves who is well-versed in surveillance, survival techniques and escaping capture. Holly is a dancer and an extrovert. They will look to utilise disguises on the run – Holly has special effects make up skills which she will put to the test and Josh will use his experience in camouflage from the Army to blend into their surroundings. 

Hunted on 10

Megan, 46, QLD

Gracie, 22, QLD

Megan and Gracie are sunshine and happiness in human form, the pair do not stop smiling. They are aunt and niece and spend their days working together in Megan’s beauty salon.

Despite their age difference, they are both adrenalin junkies who will bring total energy to the hunt. A strong and sassy duo, these vivacious and bubbly women have far more to offer beyond their beauty and they want to win!  They also want to prove to their families that they can go without fake tan and make up for 21 days!

Hunted on 10

Sonja, 41, QLD

Elerrina, 38, QLD

Sonja and Elerrina met at a watermelon eating contest last year and have been best friends ever since! Complete opposites in every way, Sonja is a pocket rocket, resilient, strategic, fit and flirty verses Elerrina who is colourful, unathletic, kind and is the person you can count on to bring the fun to any situation. Sonja is a medical sales rep and will be the decision maker on the hunt, while Elerrina who works in radio is more sporadic and a ‘go with the flow’ type. They will both miss their home creature comforts, like make-up, but plan to still find ways to look good whilst on the run!

Hunted on 10

Tharren, 53, NSW

Jordan, 29, VIC

This father and son team’s bond is robust. Tharren is a Pastor in a Juvenile Detention Centre for Boys and Jordan works as a High School Teacher and is an ex-chef – a skill he plans on using on the run. The team plan on doing one good deed a day, with the thought that what they put out there into the universe, will come back to them in the form of help. As a Pastor, Tharren plans on making use of regional Churches for support, even potentially taking refuge overnight within the safety of the Church grounds. 

HuntedPremieres Monday, 17 July At 7.30pm. On 10 And 10 Play.    

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