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Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly Australia on 10 – Tinka should be the perfect companion dog. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is loyal and loving to Will and won’t leave his side.

The problem is, Tinka is supposed to be a companion dog for Will’s husband, Dan.

So, it’s up to Graeme to play cupid. Can he bring Tinka and Dan closer together, or does Tinka only have eyes for Will?

In the suburbs of Brisbane, Lowchen brothers Olly and Bailey are perfect angels when they’re at home. But when they go out for a walk, they are raring for a fight… with each other.

In order to end these brawls, Graeme must first expose the real troublemaker and get to the root of the issues with his brother.

Greedy Groodle Birdie will eat anything she can get her paws on. Her Mum, Elana, and her three boys can’t even walk her past a picnic without the food thief pinching a sandwich or two.

After multiple emergency visits to the vet, Elana is desperate to stop Bridie’s food stealing before she eats something that could really harm her.

Birdie’s lack of willpower could be the death of her if the Dogfather can’t teach her some impulse control.

Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly Australia – Thursday, 3 August At 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

About the Show

Australia! The Dogfather is here to save the day.

He’s helped more than 5,000 people and their furry companions in the UK. Now, host Graeme Hall is turning his hand to Australia’s chaotic canines. He’s scoured the nation for the naughtiest hounds and is ready to retrain those with the most outrageous, unusual, hilarious and, sometimes, downright disturbing behaviours.

Narrated by TV Week Gold Logie 2023 nominee, Julia Morris, Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly Australia is holding Australia’s naughtiest pooches and their owners to account.

From giant Leonberger, Remi, who’s afraid of shiny floors, to cheeky Charlie, the escape artist Cavoodle, to diminutive Shitzu, Dexter, who really loves big dogs, Graeme is certain there is no problem he can’t fix.

But will Graeme’s mantra “Any Dog, Any Age, Any Problem” ring true Down Under? Tune in on Thursday, 13 July at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play to find out!

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