Shark Tank on 10
Shark Tank Australia - Robert, Davie Lewis, Sarah (Contour Cube) Jane and Sabri (image - 10)

Recap | Shark Tank on 10 and 10 Play (12 September)

Shark Tank on 10 – Fire And Ice Investments See Sharks Run Hot And Cold. All New Shark Tank Australia. Tuesdays At 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

On tonight’s all new Shark Tank Australia, tiny pitches came with big personalities, revolutionary products, and a fresh take on an old favourite.

First up, were the confident Sarah and Lewis from New South Wales, whose products have already taken the world by storm. Notching up an impressive 200 million views on Tik Tok and with the endorsement of celebrity Kendall Jenner, the entrepreneurs entered the Tank seeking $250,000 for 10% equity their ice facial tool, Contour Cube. Not only were the Sharks struck by the star power of the Contour Cube, but they were also just as impressed by the product itself, with a feeding frenzy that saw four Sharks, Robert, Jane, Davie and Sabri, reeled in with $375,000 for a 30% share of the business.

Next to face the Tank, were cousins Frank and Frank from rural NSW, hoping their solution to a nationwide problem, would ignite a spark in our Sharks.

The Fire Halo, is a quicker, safer and easier way to protect homes from bushfires by flooding the home’s gutters. Opening up about her own personal bushfire experience, Cat was keen to invest, but admitted that Robert was the right Shark to expand the Fire Halo in a global market.

Originally seeking $100,00 for 20% of the business, the Franks walked away with a life-changing deal from Robert of $150,000 for 33% of Fire Halo.

Unfortunately, missing out on investments tonight, were Pum’s Kitchen’s home-style Thai sauces and home-chemistry kits, Tiny Science Lab.

Next Tuesday, we meet an entrepreneur hoping to keep a craft from her homeland alive, a husband and wife team hoping to take the backache out of toddler feeding time, and a trio of children’s entertainers who pitch to the Sharks in song!

Shark Tank Australia.Continues Tuesday, 19 September At 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

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Shark Tank on 10

Shark Tank on 10
Shark Tank Australia – Sabri Suby, Dr Catriona Wallace, Davie Fogarty, Jane Lu and Robert Herjavec (image – 10)

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